The Journey Of Salesforce - Walking Down The Memory Lane

Salesforce is the most popular CRM, connecting businesses and customers in the digital age. Salesforce, which was founded in 1999, enables businesses of all sizes and industries to engage with their consumers in innovative ways by using strong technologies such as cloud, mobile, social, blockchain, voice, and artificial intelligence.

However, just like Rome was not built in a day, Salesforce did not become the global CRM leader overnight. It had to go through a myriad of challenges since its inception to reach where it is today.

In this blog, we will go back in time when the first seeds of success were sown and witness them turning into a giant tree that Salesforce is today.

The Year 1999

Salesforce's journey begins in February with the goal of becoming "A World-Class Internet Company for Sales Force Automation." On March 8, Marc Benioff, Parker Harris, Frank Dominguez, and Dave Moellenhoff form Salesforce and begin development on the initial version of Salesforce's CRM. Their base of operations is a rented one-bedroom apartment at 1449 Montgomery Street in Telegraph Hill, San Francisco.

The four are creating a separate startup culture as they construct their prototype. They only work on what they believe is vital and necessary, and they strive to do tasks "quickly, simply, and accurately the first time." Their philosophy is "no fluff." In addition, the company draughts its first V2MOM (Vision, Values, Methods, Obstacles, and Measures) strategic plan, with the goal of providing staff with a clear vision and aligning the organization around common goals. The first draught is scribbled on the back of an envelope, in a classic startup manner. V2MOM is still at the heart of Salesforce's operations, and it continues to inform every move the firm takes.

The company had grown to 40 workers with an 8,000-square-foot headquarters at the Rincon Center by the end of its first year.

The Year 2000

With 1,500 attendees and a concert by The B-52s, formally launches in an event themed "The End of Software" at San Francisco's Regency Theater. When Salesforce employs actors to stage a pretend protest outside a Siebel Systems conference in March, it receives its first substantial news coverage in The Wall Street Journal. The "protestors" hold posters with anti-software themes to emphasize Salesforce's promotional statement "The End of Software." introduces the 1-1-1 model, which will use its technology, people, and resources to help communities all over the world. The expanding company will relocate from the Rincon Center to One Market Street in November. For the fiscal year ended January 31, 2001, revenue was $5.4 million.

The Year 2001

Salesforce has announced the opening of offices in Dublin and Tokyo, as part of its global development. Salesforce now has over 3,000 customers, making it the fastest-growing CRM firm in the world. In November, Benioff is named Chief Executive Officer and Chairman. For the fiscal year ending January 31, 2002, Salesforce generates $22.4 million in revenue.

The Year 2002

The company has 5,740 customers and 70,000 users in 107 countries that utilize the service in eight languages and several currencies. For the fiscal year ending January 31, 2003, Salesforce generates $51 million in revenue.

The Year 2003

The Westin St. Francis hotel in downtown San Francisco hosts the first Dreamforce event. The event, which features 52 talks, has just over 1,000 registered guests. At the event, sForce 2.0, the industry's first on-demand application service, is unveiled. More than 400 people work for the company. It expands its global footprint by establishing offices in Australia, France, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Spain, and the United Kingdom. Salesforce has about $100 million in revenue by the end of the year and plans to go global in December.

The Year 2004

Salesforce's first public offering (IPO) on the New York Stock Exchange was a success, raising $110 million at $11 per share. In the fiscal year that ended on January 31, 2005, the company made $176 million in sales. The company employs 767 people. The number of customers has increased to 13,900. h and has a total of 12 sites around the world.

The Year 2005

The year 2005 Presents its AppExchange service, which allows third-party developers to create on their own apps and make them available to Salesforce customers. The company's global customer base will reach 20,500 by the end of the year, with approximately 400,000 unique users. By the completion of the fiscal year, the company surpassed 1,300 employees. For the fiscal year ended January 31, 2006, it generated $309.98 million in revenue.

The Year 2006

Salesforce's mobile journey begins with the acquisition of Sendia, a wireless technology firm, and the AppExchange Mobile app, which was the first Salesforce mobile app. With 575 apps from 250 independent software developers, the AppExchange ecosystem has grown into a vibrant marketplace. Salesforce's Power of Us partner program debuts, including Salesforce's partners in a 1-1-1 philanthropy model. Has a total of 29,800 clients around the world. For the fiscal year ended January 31, 2007, revenue topped $497 million.

The Year 2007

For the fiscal year ending January 31, 2008, Salesforce reported revenue of $748.7 million. The number of users has surpassed 1.1 million, with 41,000 consumers around the world. There are 450 independent software vendor partners in the AppExchange community.

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The Year 2008

Salesforce surpassed the $1 billion barriers in yearly sales for the fiscal year ending January 31, 2009, making it the first cloud computing business to do it. The number of consumers has increased to 55,400. Customers may now create and install apps on Salesforce's infrastructure thanks to the release of

The Year 2009

Salesforce introduces Service Cloud, which includes customer service and support automation technologies. Salesforce now has 72,000 customers throughout the world. It's the first enterprise partner on Apple's App Store, and it's the first application created on for the iPhone. contributes $14 million to organizations in the form of grants.

The Year 2010

Salesforce agreed to buy Heroku, an application platform as a service, in order to better assist the next generation of app developers.
Note from the Editor: Learn more about Salesforce acquisitions. The company has around 92,000 customers and 5,000 employees at the end of the fiscal year. Salesforce has given $23 million in donations over the previous 10 years, employees have offered 255,000 hours, and 11,000 NGOs have had free access to Salesforce products. Salesforce is ranked fourth on Fortune magazine's list of the world's fastest-growing corporations and was also designated one of the world's most ethical corporations for the fourth year in a row by the Ethisphere Institute.

The Year 2011

Salesforce introduces Chatter, a social collaboration solution for businesses, with over 80,000 clients signing up in the first year. For the fiscal year ended January 31, 2012, annual revenue increased by 37% year over year to about $2.27 billion. Salesforce is named one of "The 50 Companies of Tomorrow" by Forbes, which recognizes the company's innovation.

The Year 2012

Salesforce's yearly revenue for the fiscal year ending January 31, 2013, was more than $3 billion. The corporation employs 9,800 people in 22 locations around the globe. With over 100,000 customers, the organization also surpasses a significant milestone. A total of 90,000 people have registered for Dreamforce 2012. During the keynote talk, Salesforce Marketing Cloud is unveiled. Salesforce has been named the world's most innovative company by Forbes for the second year in a row and ranked #1 in CRM by Gartner.

The Year 2013

With ExactTarget, Salesforce completes its largest purchase to date, allowing Marketing Cloud to be supercharged. Customers will be able to administer their businesses from their phones thanks to the Salesforce1 Platform. Over 2,000 apps are available on the AppExchange, with over 2 million downloads. For the fiscal year ended January 31, 2014, annual revenue totalled more than $4 billion with employment over 13,300 people worldwide.

The Year 2014

Trailhead, a Salesforce product, is now available. There are 1.5 million registered developers with the company presently. Salesforce is the first commercial software company to exceed the $5 billion mark in yearly revenue. More than 150,000 clients and 16,000 workers work for the organization. The Salesforce Tower opens in London.

The Year 2015

Salesforce introduces the IoT Cloud, which connects billions of events from the Internet of Things to Salesforce via devices, sensors, apps, and more. For the fiscal year ended January 31, 2016, the corporation generated more than $6.66 billion in sales. Salesforce has over 150,000 clients and 20,000 workers around the world. Salesforce is now a part of the Fortune 500 along with also one of the Top 10 Best Companies to Work For and one of the World's Most Admired Software Companies, according to Fortune.

The Year 2016

The company purchases the e-commerce platform Demandware and launches Commerce Cloud to expand its Customer Success Platform into the retail market. For the fiscal year ended January 31, 2017, revenue increased by 26% year over year to moreover $8.4 billion. It employs over 25,000 people in 25 countries. Quip, a productivity software company, is acquired by the company. Fortune has rated Salesforce the best "Workplace for Giving Back." In New York, the Salesforce Tower is inaugurated. has distributed $160 million in awards, registered 2 million staff volunteer hours, and over 31,000 nonprofits and NGOs use the software for free or at a reduced price.

The Year 2017

Salesforce introduces Einstein, the first full artificial intelligence (AI) technology for CRM, allowing AI to be used by any organization or business user. The corporation achieves net-zero greenhouse gas emissions and launches a carbon-neutral cloud service. With point-and-click tools, everyone from admins to business users can design and deploy modern, highly customizable mobile apps. For the fiscal year ended January 31, 2018, revenue increased by 25% over the previous year to $10.548 billion. Salesforce has over 150,000 customers and 29,000 workers worldwide. Ninety-five per cent of Fortune 100 companies use at least one AppExchange app.

The Year 2018

Salesforce Customer 360 is a new platform solution from Salesforce that maintains customer data across clouds with a simple click-based user experience. Einstein Voice is released, allowing any user to communicate with Salesforce. MuleSoft was purchased by the firm to assist power Salesforce's integration capabilities. Salesforce is ranked #1 on Fortune's list of the 100 Best Companies to Work For. For the fiscal year ending January 31, 2019, revenue hits $13.3 billion. The Salesforce Tower in San Francisco has officially begun operating.

The Year 2019

Salesforce has acquired Tableau, bringing together the world's most popular CRM and analytics platform to help customers accelerate their digital transformations. For the fiscal year ending January 31, 2020, annual revenue increased by 29%, topping $17 billion. For the 12th year in a row, Fortune named Salesforce one of the 100 Best Companies to Work For, one of the top 10 Most Admired Companies in the World, and one of the Best Workplaces for Giving Back. With more than 171,000 registered attendees and 16 million online viewers, Dreamforce attracts Trailblazers from 120 nations and 50 U.S. states.

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The Year 2020

Salesforce mobilizes in response to COVID-19, leveraging our products, resources, and relationships to assist our employees, customers, and communities in navigating the catastrophe. Salesforce mobilizes behind COVID-19, utilizing our products, resources, and relationships to assist our employees, customers, and communities in dealing with the crisis. Salesforce has released a number of products and resources to assist businesses in navigating the pandemic, including Salesforce Care, a collection of free rapid response solutions that allow businesses to stay in touch with employees, customers, and partners during the crisis. is a collection of professional advice, content, data, and innovative solutions designed to help businesses and communities around the world reopen and flourish.

Salesforce owns Vlocity and offered to take Slack in a binding agreement.

Salesforce is hosting a virtual Dreamforce, which has received over 140 million views, as well as its first-ever Dreamforce To You, which brings a version of Dreamforce personalized to specific clients across the entire globe.

The Year 2021 and Counting

Salesforce's President and COO is David Schmaier. Following significant racial injustice occurrences, Salesforce pledges new Equality programs and advocates for police reform. New Cloud 3.0 Work from Anywhere realities are outlined by Marc Benioff and Bret Taylor. Vaccine Cloud and for Vaccines have seen a lot of use during the COVID-19 outbreak. Salesforce unveils new Digital 360 projects including Digital 360 for Industries climbing 50 places in the Fortune 500. The empire completes its acquisition of Slack and reveals its vision for a Digital HQ powered by Slack. FedEx and Salesforce have announced a shipping and e-commerce alliance. Salesforce+, a brand-new streaming service with captivating live and on-demand content for every role, industry, and line of business, is now available.

Salesforce hosted a larger-than-life Dreamforce event yet again in 2021 after COVID-19 restrictions were lifted and are now prepping for the extravagant opening of the Salesforce Tower in Chicago in 2023!

What a journey Salesforce has had so far! This is what hard work, grit, perseverance, and success look like.

We are proud to say that we are Salesforce registered partners, dedicated to providing exceptional services to our customers. Get in touch with us if you are looking to transform the way your business or organization works. We will be there to assist you every step of the way and do whatever it takes to succeed in all your future endeavors!


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