Salesforce Best Practices

Learn About These Salesforce Best Practices

Defining best practices in Salesforce is never going to be an easy task, as Salesforce itself contains so many things, from developing a code to configuring your applications. Well here comes the important part to make all these possible, performance, maintainability and platform limits, there is a need for a good and suitable configuration for this. And here comes the concepts of best practices, as you do so many tasks to do the configuration for any application and after the Salesforce audit it's changed or the requirements got changed. So if you have the best practices for it, you don't have to do more and have less work to do.

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Here are some examples of best practices we can follow:

Adopt VS Adapt

  • Well, as per its name Adopt, most of the time the problem is just solved by adopting the right things, and for it, there is no need for any skills. Adopt is most efficient and most economical because here we don’t have to do anything new or extra.
  • Well when using SFDC, most of the time Adopt is preferred before Adapt. Adopt should be always the first option to be chosen, if they are also unable to find out the solutions then go for Adapt. But Adapt is somehow not economical so, it should be taken into consideration.
  • In the context of business needs if any of its standard components do not meet the needs then only go for Adapt otherwise try to resolve it by reusability and Adopt. And one thing is always taken care of is that for every custom development, it is always expensive to develop and even it is expensive to maintain also.
  • It's always a better option to Adopt than to redevelop. So there is an issue the business team should try to adopt the Salesforce behaviour in place of redeveloping.

Reuse Before Buy Before Make

  • Well, reuse of existing behaviour is also a good example of best practices, it is always told that before buying anything new or updating it, we should always try to reuse its all existing behaviours.
  • Buying something new should always be the last option and it should be cost-effective also. First, check out other solutions possible on AppExchange. AppExchange provides a lot of ready-to-install applications, solutions and many more.

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Keep it simple

  • When we are talking about best practices, the best thing to be done is while writing code, always try to keep it simple. It will help in maintaining and in cost also. And the most important essay to understand by any member of the team, so if there are any issues anyone can handle them.
  • The most important thing to keep in mind is not to design anything which is not asked. Well, it is always taken care of because it makes the code lengthy and hard to manage and understand, so to do any changes it will take more time and is even not cost-effective.


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