How Nonprofits Benefit from Salesforce and Capsule Services

Like many businesses, nonprofits also benefit from using a CRM for managing their funding. While Salesforce for small businesses focuses mainly on sales and growing your revenue, nonprofits need a more specialized application to help them build a CRM that caters to their needs. This is where Salesforce’s capsule service comes in.

Nonprofit Capsule Engagement

Salesforce has introduced their Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) Capsule Engagement, a fundraising tool designed to get you up and running with Salesforce in just a short amount of time. In under four weeks, you can use NPSP along with Salesforce to build a better and more specialized CRM for nonprofits. Some of the things you can achieve using capsule engagements are:

  • Building a solid foundation using the recommended configuration on the NPSP.

  • Managing donations and fundraising initiatives efficiently

  • Learning Salesforce fundamentals and best practices through a tailored learning path.

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A More Efficient Way of Tracking Donations

Many nonprofit organizations today still rely heavily on spreadsheets as their primary way of tracking donations and sponsorships. This is quite a tedious way of monitoring all your donations. You and your staff need to encode lots of data, which can become repetitive and prone to errors. There’s also the problem of generating reports, which takes a lot of time and effort to extract, not to mention the amount of manual input required to pull it off.

While spreadsheets are an effective way of keeping track of all donations, they’re not that efficient in doing so. As your organization grows, you need more advanced features that will enable you to create, edit, and track donations as they come. NPSP solves all these problems by helping you organize and manage fundraisers more effectively.

Donation Management with Salesforce and NPSP

When using Salesforce, tracking all donations and grant information is done using a standard Salesforce object called an opportunity. If you’re using the NPSP to build your own CRM, then an opportunity mostly refers to a donation or grant (revenue). When creating a new record, you need to select what type of opportunity you’ll be creating, which can be any of the following:

  • Donation

  • Grant

  • Membership

  • Matching Donation

  • In-Kind Gift

  • Major Gift

Once you’ve chosen a type of opportunity, you can now start down that specific process and path defined by that record type. This helps make data entry and reporting more efficient. From there, you can easily create or edit donations and payments, which is exactly what your organization needs to manage your cash flow.

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The Bottomline - Benefit from Capsule Services

Salesforce also lets you work with them in a capsule service, which is a team of professional coaches and affordable implementation support to help you utilize the NPSP and all the other tools you need more effectively. Finally, you can set up and manage your fundraising and learn how to use the new system. You really couldn’t ask for anything better than this since Salesforce offers you an easy way to tailor your CRM to your organization’s unique needs.

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