Top Salesforce Bloggers 2023

Top Salesforce Bloggers 2023

As we eagerly embrace the dawn of 2023, we find ourselves reflecting on the remarkable journey that this year was – a year that witnessed the phenomenal growth of our community into an 25,000-strong congregation of Salesforce enthusiasts. Our community has become a hub for comprehensive Salesforce learning, and this milestone would not have been possible without each and every one of you.

In particular, we extend our deepest gratitude to the exceptional bloggers who have graced our platform with their expertise and insights. These individuals have played a pivotal role in shaping our community into a vibrant ecosystem of shared knowledge and continuous learning. Their dedication to elucidating various facets of Salesforce, from features and capabilities to best practices, has been instrumental in educating and informing our readers on how Salesforce can enhance business processes and drive success.

Bloggers, as integral members of the Salesforce community, serve as invaluable sources of information, providing users with the tools and insights needed to extract the maximum value from the platform. Whether they are recounting personal experiences, highlighting new features, or offering tips and tricks, bloggers contribute immensely to the collective knowledge and inspiration of the Salesforce ecosystem.

To all the bloggers who have contributed to our platform and the broader Salesforce community, we extend our sincere appreciation. Your passion and commitment to the platform are truly commendable, and we eagerly anticipate the continued sharing of your insights and experiences. Thank you for your indispensable role in supporting and advancing our vision.

  • #1 - Sparkybit

    We take immense pride in recognizing Sparkybit as our distinguished top blogger for the year 2023. Throughout the year, Sparkybit has consistently demonstrated their commitment to our platform, delivering exceptional content that resonates with our niche Salesforce audience, comprising developers, administrators, trailblazers, and consultants.

    Founded in 2014, Sparkybit stands as a prominent Salesforce advisory, catering to businesses aspiring to achieve market leadership. Specializing in streamlining Salesforce to align with unique business needs, they have played a pivotal role in helping organizations attain their business goals with unparalleled efficiency. Currently, their primary focus extends to the healthcare, automotive, manufacturing, and finance industries.

    Sparkybit's expertise lies in effectively addressing and resolving intricate business challenges. They excel in defining business-specific use cases for Salesforce, configuring tools, and building custom solutions tailored to meet specific business objectives. Their unwavering support ensures the continuous development and optimization of the Salesforce environment, making them an invaluable asset for businesses navigating the ever-evolving landscape of Salesforce technology.

    Check out some of Sparkybit’s content:

  • #2 - SF Learners Hub

    We are delighted to acknowledge Aman Garg as the second top blogger on our platform for the year 2023. Since joining our community in May 2021, Aman has consistently shared his invaluable thoughts, experiences, and expertise through insightful blogs on our website. His contributions cover a wide range of topics, including Salesforce job interview questions, best practices, exam guides, and more.

    Aman Garg brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table as a Senior Salesforce Developer, boasting an impressive 5x Salesforce certification and 2x Copado certification. Beyond his technical prowess, Aman is a dedicated blogger, actively sharing his insights with the community. Furthermore, he serves as a Salesforce mentor and takes pride in being the founder of Salesforce Learners, a community dedicated to nurturing aspiring Salesforce professionals.

    Aman's passion extends beyond his own success in Salesforce development; he is driven by the desire to empower others to master the art of Salesforce development and excel in their careers. His commitment to knowledge sharing and community building makes Aman Garg an inspiring figure within the Salesforce ecosystem and a valued contributor to our blogging platform.

    Check out some of SF’s content:

  • #3 - Kizzy Consulting

    We are excited to recognize Kizzy Consulting as the third top blogger on our platform for the year 2023. Since joining our community in 2022, Kizzy Consulting has consistently demonstrated unwavering dedication to providing relevant and insightful content for our audience. Their blog posts cover a diverse range of topics, spanning from Salesforce consulting and development to Dreamforce, ensuring a comprehensive and engaging experience for our readers.

    Kizzy Consulting stands out as a trailblazer in the field of Salesforce consulting. Their commitment to excellence is evident in their ability to assist businesses in setting up or expanding, leveraging the expertise of a dedicated team of Salesforce Certified Professionals. Specializing in Salesforce implementation, integration, development, AppExchange development, and managed services, Kizzy Consulting is well-equipped to meet the diverse needs of businesses of all sizes.

    The depth of knowledge and experience that Kizzy Consulting brings to our platform reflects their status as experts in the Salesforce ecosystem. Their insightful contributions serve as a valuable resource for our community, further establishing Kizzy Consulting as a trusted source for those seeking guidance in Salesforce-related matters. We appreciate their relentless efforts in delivering high-quality content and look forward to their continued contributions in the coming years.

    Check out some of Kizzy Consulting’s content:

  • #4 - Alok Khandelwal

    We are thrilled to once again acknowledge Alok for securing a spot on our Top Bloggers List for the year 2023. Alok has consistently proven to be the epitome of diligence, consistently delivering thought-provoking content on our platform. His commitment to addressing topics of utmost importance is reflected in his blogs, covering everything from choosing the best Salesforce consultant to mastering the art of personalizing Salesforce for business success.

    Alok represents Damco Solutions, a trusted technology partner for many leading enterprises. At Damco Solutions, Alok and his team believe in the power of collaborative success, working tirelessly to build creative and scalable solutions for each firm they partner with. Their dedication to being a major driver for their clients' success is evident in every aspect of their work.

    Alok's contributions to our platform not only showcase his depth of knowledge in the Salesforce but also reflect Damco Solutions' commitment to excellence in technology solutions. We appreciate Alok's continuous efforts in providing valuable insights to our audience, and we are proud to have him as a prominent member of our blogging community. We look forward to more enlightening contributions from Alok and Damco Solutions in the future

    Check out some of Alok’s content:

  • #5 - Apphienz Inc

    We are delighted to spotlight Apphienz as our dedicated Salesforce blogger, a true luminary who has authored nearly 200 blogs on our platform. Their prolific writing has not only earned them the top spot on our list but has also played a pivotal role in consistently aiding our audience in understanding intricate Salesforce concepts. Apphienz's comprehensive coverage spans every conceivable topic within the Salesforce ecosystem, imparting invaluable wisdom to our readers.

    As a registered Salesforce partner since 2020, Apphienz stands as a trusted ally for small to mid-sized businesses and non-profits. Their commitment to realizing business goals is unwavering, and they approach partnerships with the intent to provide steadfast support at every step of the journey.

    The depth of Apphienz's contributions extends beyond mere quantity; their blogs are a testament to the quality insights and clarity they bring to the complex world of Salesforce. We appreciate their dedication to empowering our audience with knowledge and look forward to continued collaboration, ensuring our readers stay informed and enlightened in the ever-evolving realm of Salesforce technology.

    Check out some of Apphienz’s content:

  • #6 - Twistellar Group

    We are pleased to highlight Twistellar, a distinguished member of our top bloggers list, securing an upgraded 6th position for the second time. Their insightful contributions focus on a spectrum of Salesforce topics, ranging from integration and development to best practices and benefits, enriching our platform with a wealth of knowledge.

    Hailing from Denmark, Twistellar is a Salesforce Consulting Partner renowned for providing a comprehensive suite of Salesforce-related services. Their expertise spans across companies of varying sizes and industry domains, assisting them in optimizing customer interactions. Twistellar excels at all stages of Salesforce implementation projects, offering services that include requirements clarification, business analysis, project planning, user and technical documentation preparation, platform development and configuration, data migration, QA testing, deployment, training, and ongoing support.

    Twistellar's commitment to delivering effective and holistic solutions aligns seamlessly with our platform's mission to empower our audience with valuable insights. We appreciate their continued dedication to sharing expertise and contributing to the collective knowledge of the Salesforce community. We eagerly anticipate more enlightening blogs from Twistellar, ensuring our readers stay informed about the latest developments in Salesforce technology and best practices.

    Check out some of Twistellar’s content:

  • #7 - Mohit Kumar

    We take immense pride in featuring Mohit as one of the most influential bloggers on our platform. Mohit has successfully carved out a niche audience on our website, thanks to his exceptional contributions in areas such as Lightning concepts, Apex concepts, and more. Readers are invited to tune in and explore his insightful blogs that delve deep into these critical Salesforce topics.

    Mohit's passion for blogging and development shines through in every post, reflecting his commitment to both the platform and the broader Salesforce community. Beyond his role as a prolific blogger, Mohit generously dedicates his free time to assisting peers, showcasing a commendable devotion to fostering knowledge sharing and collaboration within the Salesforce ecosystem.

    We are grateful for Mohit's contributions which have enriched our platform. His unwavering dedication is truly a matter of pride for us, and we look forward to continued excellence from Mohit in the realm of Salesforce blogging and development.

    Check out some of Mohit’s content:

  • #8 - Hennery cavil

    We are pleased to feature Hennery Cavil on our esteemed list of top bloggers for the year 2023. Hennery's insightful contributions focus on critical topics such as the most effective strategies for growth on Salesforce AppExchange and how to secure the best consulting services in the Salesforce ecosystem.

    Readers are encouraged to delve into Hennery's blogs to discover proven methods for maximizing their presence on Salesforce AppExchange and making informed decisions when selecting consulting services. Hennery's commitment to sharing expertise in these crucial areas adds significant value to our platform, making him a noteworthy figure in the Salesforce community.

    We look forward to more enlightening blogs from Hennery Cavil, ensuring our readers stay well-informed and empowered in their Salesforce journey.

  • #9 - Bhawana Sharma

    We are thrilled to spotlight Bhawana as a highly versatile and influential Salesforce blogger, whose expertise spans various domains within the Salesforce ecosystem. As an enthusiastic Forcetalker, Bhawana not only possesses a deep understanding of Salesforce but also excels at articulating and sharing her extensive knowledge with the community.

    Bhawana's contributions extend across a diverse range of Salesforce topics, including various Salesforce clouds, Apex concepts, screen flows, and more. Her commitment to blazing new trails and aiding others in achieving the same showcases a genuine passion for community engagement and knowledge sharing.

    We take great pride in having Bhawana as an integral part of our community, and we look forward to continued collaboration, anticipating more insightful blogs that contribute to the collective growth and knowledge of the Salesforce ecosystem.

    Check out some of Bhawana’s content:


    We are honored to acknowledge Navdita Dahiya as the preeminent Salesforce writer on our platform, whose contributions have been truly exceptional. Navdita's extensive work spans a diverse array of Salesforce topics, showcasing her prowess in areas such as Change Set, Service Console, lead creation and conversion in Salesforce, Einstein Bot, Non-profit Success Pack, and more.

    Navdita's dedication to providing valuable insights across such a broad spectrum of Salesforce subjects has immensely enriched our platform and benefited our community of readers. Her expertise, combined with a keen ability to articulate complex concepts, makes her a standout contributor and a go-to resource for those seeking in-depth knowledge on Salesforce.

    We are immensely proud to have Navdita Dahiya as a cornerstone of our platform, and we eagerly anticipate her continued contributions that undoubtedly elevate the collective understanding of Salesforce within our community.

    Check out some of Navdita Dahiya’s content:

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all! Let’s take Forcetalks to greater heights.

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