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Forcetalks.com is the fastest-growing Salesforce® Community platform designed to engage professionals through Blogs, Videos, Infographics, Q&A, Groups and more. It is a community where you can learn from and contribute to.

Forcetalks launched an exclusive app for Salesforce Trailblazers. It is a living encyclopedia for all the Salesforce lovers around the world which helps its users in getting Salesforce® knowledge by clarifying their Salesforce® specific queries, watching tutorial videos, reading blogs, and more importantly by connecting with people around the globe in the Salesforce® ecosystem. The app is a social community for Salesforce® users where people contribute and share their knowledge with each other. Download Now!

Forcetalks was founded in 2016 as a platform to explore Salesforce® at all levels where users can learn, collaborate, and bring new perspectives and useful insights to the Salesforce® Ohana.

Our mission is to be the force behind every Salesforce® enthusiast’s talk, on anything and everything related to Salesforce®. Now you know how we got the name Forcetalks! We don’t just talk the talk; we walk the walk every day. But don't just take our word for it... check for yourself.


Forcetalks brings to you an exclusive collection of Salesforce blogs written by experienced and well qualified Salesforce professionals. It has become the most demanded Salesforce blogging platform around the world. We work the hardest to bring the best and the brightest Salesforce minds into the limelight they deserve.

You’ll find the best Salesforce storytellers from the world at Forcetalks! And who doesn’t love a good story, right?

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Check out the latest updates, releases, tech blogs and explanatory blogs LIVE from the community. Get all the knowledge, train your mind, and learn new skills.

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Share your Salesforce knowledge, skills and stories with the rest of the world through this ultimate blogging platform.

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By sharing your mastery and stories with us, stand out amongst the rest and leave your mark among the best.


Forcetalks provides you with outstanding Salesforce videos from experienced Salesforce experts that allow you to have a better understanding of simple principles, technical skills, certifications, events, and updates. It is one of the widely used video-sharing platforms that help you to, discover, share, sell your Salesforce videos online & world-wide.

Forcetalks gives life to your Salesforce stories, It lets you reach out to all the developers who are willing to learn new skills from professionals like you.

A full-fledged Salesforce video sharing platform

Check out all the latest tech, training, and learning Salesforce videos here.

Showing your world better with videos

Are you a Salesforce expert, professional, or trainer who wants to share?

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Browse through a unique collection from Salesforce experts including MVPs!


Forcetalks comes with an interesting collection of Salesforce infographics that provides information related to key concepts, events, new releases, etc. Forcetalks presents you with an amazing infographic sharing platform - learn or create!

Time to explore the Salesforce world in comfort with graphics. So start submitting and Happy Scrolling!

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Forcetalks is the most active Salesforce forum in the world where you get answers to all your Salesforce queries from some of the top Salesforce experts in no time. It’s a question and answer platform for developers, coders, geeks, professionals, and enthusiast programmers to learn new skills and share their expertise.

Getting involved with this ultimate forum gives you the perfect Salesforce experience. Don’t believe us? Ask yourself!

We love people who code

We help people in getting answers to their toughest coding questions. So if you love to code and want to help others with their doubts, join now because curiosity is the key to increase your knowledge base.

Ask; Answer; LOOP

Get all your questions answered by the experts in no time, be it about job inquiries, certifications, courses, trainings, institutions, technical doubts, events, updates, releases, anything and everything related to Salesforce.

Connect with the experts

It is the easiest and most user-friendly online forum. This Salesforce forum allows you to connect with the top Salesforce minds who contribute unique insights and quality answers.


With the help of Forcetalks, explore the most powerful Salesforce Groups that fall across a variety of industries and categories. These groups allow you to connect with some of the talented and experienced Salesforce experts and leaders from all around the world and get a chance to have some productive conversations.

The future of Salesforce communication starts with Forcetalks Groups. This extraordinary Salesforce Community presents you with the best way to experience Salesforce!

Lost in the woods?

If you want to be on top of everything Salesforce then join the topmost Salesforce groups at Forcetalks and we’ll always keep you updated with the latest happenings.

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Joining these groups lets you interact with the like-minded people and discuss how Salesforce talks can change our lives. Start building connections today.

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Forcetalks is an ultimate collaboration platform for Salesforce users which grants you the chance of having some of the most productive conversations with each other.


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