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Salesforce Marketplace is a platform that lists ready-to-install Salesforce solutions, like, apps, tools, codes, plugins, browser extensions and other components and services available in the market. It’s a place that powers you to connect with customers and extend Salesforce across any department and industry. Salesforce Marketplace is the one-stop solution for all your requirements as you won’t have to wander around anymore looking for the best tools to make the most out of your Salesforce CRM.
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  • App of the Week
    AuditMyCRM scans your Salesforce® CRM within no time and provide you with the list of errors and warnings, if there are any in the system.
  • Salesforce+Chat-GPT LWC Integration will increase your productivity by giving a Sample code while you're working over Salesforce.
  • OpenAI Chat-GPT application in Salesforce Lighting experience ⚡
  • Quoting and Pricing Automation Software for Salesforce
  • Voice Search in Salesforce helps you to find anything through voice.
  • Parse and validate international phone numbers Directly in Salesforce to drive the relationship's success.
  • Coupon codes management app for Marketing Cloud.
  • ZigiOps is a scalable, no-code integration platform, serving as a bridge between enterprise software tools. It connects Salesforce with popular ITSM (IT Service Management) in less than 5 minutes.
  • Countdown & add-to-calendar content blocks!
  • The most robust logger for Salesforce. Works with Apex, Lightning Components, Flow, Process Builder & Integrations. Designed for Salesforce admins, developers & architects.
  • Easily search for all objects in Salesforce Marketing Cloud.
  • A tool to Bulk download Attachments, Files and Documents from Salesforce
  • SFDCCloudLoader, Custom metadata type and Bulk V2 features
  • ActivTrak Integration with Salesforce for Sales Productivity Insights
  • Gearset is the one-stop-shop for Salesforce DevOps that everyone loves, whatever their role. No need for complicated toolchains or teams working in silos.
  • One tool to rule them all! An ever-growing collection of Salesforce developer tools.
  • This extension helps you manage your Salesforce login credentials and lets you quickly login.
  • Salesforce Package.xml Generator is a good extension for you to create a package.xml right inside the vscode and that too dynamically without writing a single line yourself.
  • Access Salesforce data no matter what website you’re on. This extension keeps you from wasting time switching between tabs while you’re prospecting, updating the CRM based on website data and more.
  • Quickly and easily disable an Org's validation rules, workflows and Apex triggers.
  • 3B Forms is a powerful and inexpensive tool to allow you to collect data from your customers and save it on Salesforce.