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Salesforce Consulting Services: How does the Salesforce IoT Cloud System Build Customer Experience?

There has been a buzz around IoT technology, and some are branding it as revolutionary. Due to it, the popularity of IoT devices has soured to a greater extent. How has it become so famous? The answer is that IoT represents leveraging of the real-time data in creating interconnected customer experiences to enhance customer outcomes manifold. A question is rotating: 'How Salesforce will help in improving IoT services around the globe?'

Still, puzzled? Then go through the following paragraph:

Salesforce Approach to IoT

The idea of using Salesforce with IoT is to bring significant improvement in the services by the inclusion of the big data (collected through connected devices) and enable users to build their app for proper data management.

To store and process such a large amount of data effectively, Salesforce comes with a platform called Salesforce IoT cloud. It is powered by an event-processing engine called thunder for successful capturing, filtering, and responding to the events in real-time.

The given technology runs on Salesforce PaaS for comfortable integration with other cloud services. To get meaningful insights; there is a gathering of the data by connecting devices of customers (using their location, case history, and other parameters).

One important feature present in the Salesforce IoT cloud is the customer context. It is an environment where customers can take action for the generation of better real-time responses. So, using the given platform helps in setting filters and identifies relevant data from data streams.

Building Customer Experience through Salesforce IoT Cloud

Taking the help of one of the best Salesforce consulting companies will help in offering specialized app development and customization services. If someone is looking for hiring services of Salesforce consultants; it is better to choose those who practice the latest methodologies for supporting, implementing, and improving projects for delivering a high-quality, but affordable IoT solutions.

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Now read on some of the exciting aspects that come with Salesforce IoT cloud for enhancing customer experience!

  1. Helps in Building Smart Customer Profiles

Salesforce IoT cloud helps companies in creating a complete customer profile so that they remain in touch with their products as well as customers. What happens after it?

Afterward, the connected customer profile gets linked to all the IoT devices offering valuable data to the customers in the form of endless opportunities. The given fact is explained through a windmill where its turbines have a connection with the Salesforce IoT cloud.

How is it beneficial? It will be advantageous in the way the one can look at energy generation and consumption, and even performance metrics without visiting the site frequently. Evermore, IoT also assist windmill to automatically adjust the turbine performances and rotatory speeds based on weather conditions as provided them through the Internet.

Besides, turbine failure is automatically channeled to the concerned department so that they can send a maintenance team to work on it and patch up as quickly as possible. How cool is it?

  1. Better Accumulation of Customer Data

The main emphasis of the given IoT cloud system is on improving the customer context. Exactly, what is it? It is a machine learning aspect that stores and analyses actions and past behavior of the customers to help them to make better real-time decisions. What does it include? It comprises customers' details (like location, history, and service history) and combines it with the data from IoT devices for giving a complete and accurate picture of what is happening.

However, a question arises: 'How IoT can accomplish it with great efficacy?' The answer lies in the fact that IoT devices sensors the collected information and taken the help of the functionality of the Thunder to offer better streamlining data to meet the customer’s needs accurately.

  1. Perfect Data Analysis through Varied Technical Tools

The streamline data obtained from the processing of the data go for thorough analysis via the best business analytics software of the cloud, Salesforce Einstein Analytics. How does it work? It works by analyzing the data from external data, Salesforce, enterprise systems, and even sensors (here IoT devices).

After that, it helps in presenting a number of visualization via reports, trends predictions, and patterns. Why? To assist the Salesforce CRM users in taking the right decisions in their businesses that too in real-time environments.

What's more, it also comes in collaboration with AI and machine learning tools so to make it usable on phones, tablets, and even smart-watches. In this way, it helps in the creation of self-customized apps to make the working of the customers relatively easy.

  1. Provision of Easy Visualization

If one wants to put the Salesforce IoT workflow in the best place, it is no other than deploying it. Nevertheless, the enterprises will require a bird-eye-view and is possible through traffic view. Basically, it is the visual blueprint of the ever-changing customer experience through IoT devices.

The most important part of the Salesforce IoT solution is that it offers a 3600 view of the customer analysis reports. Its benefits can be enhanced with an increase in wants and demands as given by the enterprises.

Furthermore, if the companies start giving more priority to the security of the IoT devices by placing a firewall to deny any compromise with a large amount of data, winning the heart of the customers will not be far away.

  1. IoT is No Code Technology-Customers can Get Solution at Affordable Price

Why Salesforce IoT Cloud applications are garnering more attention among the business executives? The answer is that they follow a low code approach and permits them to carry out their procedures with no need to seeking help from the IT department.

IoT is responsible for maintaining the bulk of the processes through triggers and responses and successfully sends IoT device data to the core platforms of the Salesforce (Marketing cloud and Service cloud). It helps in the automatic creation of action items for customers who are experiencing failure of the product.

How is it worth it? It is valuable as it helps in a significant reduction of the cost and assists the customers in testing their business ideas readily with no involvement of codes.

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Last Thoughts

In the future, businesses will be successful only if they remain responsive to the changing customer needs, as well as for opting for a proactive approach to solve their grievances and support them deliberately. Opting for Salesforce consulting services is the right path to shape your business. Why? It is because they will come with Salesforce IoT cloud solutions that will help them in offering the best customer experiences.


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