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5 Exclusive Reason of Hiring Salesforce Consulting Services to Get Instant Popularity Among Enterprises

Cloud computing systems that have a major influence on the field of online business have dominated the recent period. And Salesforce makes good use of this technology. Are you sure of why?

It is because, much to the delight of the clients, it comes at a fraction of the cost. What's more, by cutting long installation procedures, costly licensing agreements, and shifting it to the internet, they have changed the business model. It's that!

It has now become the fifth largest software company worldwide, beginning as a humble software as a service (SaaS) corporation. As a result of using a trio of features such as sustainability, user-friendliness, and affordability, it has become an instant success.

There will be a brief introduction to Salesforce in this blog and the following questions will also be answered:

  • Why is it commonly used by Salesforce?
  • Why is Salesforce a better choice?

If these questions are answered successfully, you can only distribute your Salesforce consulting services in the most proactive way to your customers.

Why do I use Salesforce extensively?

One feature that has made Salesforce popular in the business world is that it provides you with the best way to transform your creative concept into a resilient app. Yeah, that is right!

You will focus on building your application on the Salesforce tool instead of spending a large amount of time and resources on building infrastructure, saving millions of dollars that you can use for other purposes.

In addition, clients prefer the provided cloud-computing model for three key reasons:

  • Fast Mode- Within a few weeks or months, Salesforce is deployed, which is much better than the conventional CRM that takes more than a year to use effectively.
  • Simple Use- You are in a win-win situation with Salesforce because you can spend more time using it rather than finding out how it operates.
  • Effective Working- Customers have found it very efficient because it is easy to use and can easily configure it to meet business requirements.

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Why is Salesforce a better choice?

First, before answering the given query, let us go through some Salesforce-related statistics. As reported by Statista, the leading online repository for statistics, it has been discovered that:

  • Salesforce subscription and assistance in 2009 were US$ 984.57 million and professional services were US$ 92.2 million.
  • Salesforce subscription and assistance increased to US$ 12413 million in 2019 and professional services increased to US$ 869 million in 2019.

The facts given tell us about Salesforce's success in improving working capability and paving the way for new opportunities for the businesses that have chosen it.

Today, Salesforce has been a great choice because, unlike its other rivals, it is the only cloud-based computing platform that takes less time and comes with simple downloads.

It also takes several months to incorporate other CRM solutions, but within a few days, Salesforce is done and therefore provides consumers with the best option.

Few Reasons which has created Buzz for Salesforce among Businesses are:

  1. On one network, the combination of Sales and Service Cloud brings a lot of revenue

Technology is there to save and there is no need to take care of products and services with Salesforce at the helm. The platform is designed to introduce sales and services to their respective cloud systems.

In addition, they are designed on the same platform and provide a full 360 view of each of their customers for your business. In addition, the support teams are encouraged to upsell and cross-sell to their existing clients. In addition, the sales teams will use the background of the customers to consider their current needs to more effectively market the goods to them.

What is more, it can also do numerous wonders to bring service cloud and sales cloud together on one platform, such as:

  • Empowering sales teams with customer intelligence
  • Closing the deal in one's favor is not a difficult task
  • Keeping customers into your fold

With these unique features, customers are given a quality experience that contributes to smoother communication between sales reps and customers. This, in essence, helps to fulfill consumer needs and urges them to invest more to generate excellent sales for the company in question.

  1. A Powerful Ecosystem is what Salesforce is Renowned for

Not only does Salesforce deliver a stable and efficient solution, but it also consists of a spacious community that includes developers, clients, and partners. This helps clients to engage with each other, ask questions, and provide input.

In addition, it comes with the AppExchange application marketplace, which is a great forum for Salesforce developers and registered partners to make their applications accessible to the public and allow consumers to better download and buy the software.

Similarly, Salesforce's ecosystem, which also includes consultants and product providers, helps customers with support for product development and service management.

They are important because their services make it easier for clients to find a professional partner with whom they can deal with effectively.

  1. Salesforce is Equipped with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Salesforce's coolest function is AI, which has proven to be useful in optimizing automated workflows, procedures, finding insights, and making predictions. One thing is only getting a strong tool, but extracting insight from knowledge is another thing that Salesforce has prioritized for a very long time.

The result is Einstein, which consists of powerful algorithms for AI and machine learning that start working right from the start to analyze and learn the customer's workflow and behaviors. In addition, it utilizes data science to provide forecasts and to suggest the product according to the customer's actions.

  1. Salesforce is 100% Customizable

Yes, Salesforce is cent percent customizable which is the most lovable aspect of the Salesforce. You can make easy customizations using:

  • Point-and-Click Features
  • AppExchange for making mobile-ready apps ready to integrate with each other
  • Salesforce developer tool to build a complete custom application

Moreover, whether you have the right plan to work out the Salesforce technique you most need, it also helps the given framework to bend according to your terms.

Salesforce has gained its own recognition by consistently becoming a market leader in the cloud computing environment. It has become synonymous with the word CRM and is now the most known brand.

It has won numerous awards and has been honored worldwide by including #1 CRM provider for five continuous running years by non-other than International Data Corporation.

Salesforce is used by many big and recognized organizations such as Adidas and Toyota to serve as a strong CRM program to increase their working ability.

Salesforce, however, is not limited to enterprise-level firms but can be tailored to meet the needs and desires of organizations ranging from small to medium-sized enterprises.

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Bottom Line

Since its inception, Salesforce has supported many companies by managing their activities and helping them expand in many ways. Salesforce is an outstanding platform that comes with excellent features that in no time will reap dividends.

If you want to expand your Salesforce consulting services to the digital frontier, then combine your work with the provided cloud computing model and see why in this online environment it has gained significant followers.


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