How Salesforce Technology is Changing Marketing and Customer Engagement

How Technology Will Change Marketing and Customer Engagement

The application of artificial intelligence or AI to many business processes seems limitless now that we continue to discover more ways to take advantage of this technology. Marketing, in particular, can benefit greatly from AI in more ways than one. From improving your customer's experiences to helping you enhance your engagement efforts with them. This guide focuses on the latter and helps you utilize AI to boost customer engagement and, by extension, your sales.

Hyper Personalized Marketing Campaigns

We use a lot of terms in marketing, but the term "personalized marketing campaign," which we define as a marketing campaign that is aimed at one individual instead of many, might be one of the most important. With AI, it's really no surprise that personalized marketing can be a reality. You might be running personalized marketing campaigns right now and not even know it.

The basic structure of AI marketing is simple. It not only requires you to know who you are marketing to but also requires that you gather and store client data. From there, a machine learning algorithm (or even a group of them) will process the data and help you create your marketing strategy.

With Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud, businesses and Organizations can create personalized and customized marketing campaigns keeping in mind the end-users.

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Machine Learning in Marketing

Marketing has taken a turn for the better over the last couple of years with the influx of many new tech-savvy marketers entering the field. However, even with these new marketers, many businesses still feel that they aren't doing enough to create unique experiences for their customers.

There is no question that machine learning is one of the driving forces behind the customer experience that we have come to expect these days. It has shaped the apps and websites we use on a daily basis and has even helped create more efficient workflows for businesses. It should come as no surprise that the technology has infiltrated marketing with great success.

AI-Generated Content

The first step in creating a truly personalized marketing campaign is the ability to understand and cater to your audience's interests. Using AI-generated content, you can tailor your campaign's messaging to your customers' specific interests, rather than just using broad, more generalized messaging—the more specific your messages, the better.

AI-generated content is both powerful and cost-effective. You'll find that it's much easier and cheaper to create content for AI to review and edit than for a human to do alone. AI also doesn't get tired or distracted as humans do. That's why some businesses are even looking at using AI-generated content to create full articles and even books.


The AI-generated content is only half of the equation. The other half is putting that messaging in front of your customers. Retargeting, or what other professionals call remarketing, is a great way to do that.

It can be as simple as using Google's AdWords to create ads that will be shown when your customers visit certain websites. This allows you to put the messaging that you created with the AI in front of those customers who might be more likely to take action on your marketing campaign.

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Conversational Marketing

So far, we've discussed using AI to create content and target customers with that content, but what about the interaction that a customer will have with this content? What if customers want to ask you a question or have a complaint? You need to be able to interact with your customers in a way that is both human and machine. AI doesn't have to take over your personal communication with customers, but it can help.

Nowadays, businesses are turning to Salesforce chatbots for this purpose. Many consumers are at least somewhat familiar with what chatbots are and how they can be used (and for some audiences, using a chatbot is better than speaking with a human representative). As your customers become more familiar with chatbots, they will continue to grow accustomed to interacting with them.


From what we can tell, there are endless possibilities when it comes to using AI in marketing. No matter how widespread the use of AI in marketing becomes, it's important to remember that AI is just another tool that marketers can use to create a better customer experience.

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