What are the Benefits of Integrating Salesforce Order Management System with e-commerce in 2023?

The e-commerce industry has evolved from small stores to megastores in the passing years. However, managing the back end of an online retail business is quite a difficult job. Various processes need constant and thorough attention, be it placing an order or ensuring a delivery. Salesforce Order Management System for e-commerce can assist businesses in multiple ways.

Multi-channel sales and retail can quickly become overwhelming. You must track your inventory and customers' orders at all times. You also need to ensure that all information is consistent across your channels. Failure to do so can lead to problems with orders, stock shortages, and unhappy customers.

A simple solution to these problems is an integrated order management system. The popularity of order management systems in eCommerce is not surprising. They revolutionize the order process and are the future of the industry.

What is Order Management System?

Order Management System is a platform that helps e-tailers track orders and sales and manage inventory. A quality OMS streamlines data into one system, maintains inventory and supply, and handles returns anytime and anywhere.

These essential processes show the need to integrate your e-commerce store with a sound order management system. Salesforce has one of the top e-commerce order management platforms that can fit all your business needs so you can manage orders seamlessly.

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Key Benefits of Integrated Order Management System

E-commerce order management systems offer many benefits, including lower inventory costs and a better customer experience. Here are 10 top benefits that every e-tailer should know:

Optimize a Store’s Inventory

You can manage and optimize your store inventory efficiently. It’s possible to know precisely how many of a product or quantity you need at any moment. This eliminates the guesswork associated with placing orders.

Your different teams could keep track of the available products and any orders coming in, so everything can go as planned. This data is helpful to efficiently move stock around so that it is always focused on the sales channels most in need.

Inventory Cost Management

You won't need to worry about stocking up if you have a complete inventory. This will give you the necessary information to plan and avoid unnecessary expenses. You can further reduce inventory management costs by eliminating manual checks and processes. The system will track your inventory levels automatically.

Manage Sales Channels from a Single Platform

Multiple sales channels can lead to clarity and errors quickly. Integrated order management systems allow you to sync and compare data in real-time. This gives businesses insight into how each channel performs, which marketing efforts are more successful, and the information they need to develop sales strategies.

Comprehensive View of Business

It's challenging to keep up-to-date with all aspects of your business using standard and manual processes. We can't be everywhere all the time. However, an integrated order management system will give you real-time information on every aspect of your business, from sales to inventory. It will not leave you with any blind spots.

Zero Paperwork

Not only will digitizing your documents save you space and time, but it will also give you access to important information from any software. It is easy to lose physical documents, and it's challenging to track them down. Digitization improves the security of your data. Digitization also minimizes the cost of producing and storing paper documents.

Real-time Order Tracking

Automating your order processing and inventory management will allow you to provide an up-to-date view of the status of your orders. This allows your team to focus on each order more efficiently, and customers can see the order status anytime. You can ensure efficient customer service and happier customers with accurate data available.

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Supreme Customer Experience

Your customers will be able to guess if a product is in stock. Consumers won't have to face the hassle of waiting for packages or guessing when orders will arrive. You can synchronize all sales channels, giving your clients more choices and simplifying their lives.

Reduce Errors

Two things can lead to errors in inventory and orders: human error and a lack of information. Both of these are fixed by an order management system. The system will automatically update your inventory data so that you don't make decisions based on inaccurate information. It also works automatically, which significantly reduces the possibility of human error.

Sales Synchronization

Information is power in sales. An integrated order management system will give you all the information you need. You can monitor all your sales channels from one place, allowing you to coordinate your efforts.

It will be easy to see which marketing strategies are effective and which are not. What is selling and what isn’t? Your sales team will also have the latest inventory information, which allows them to adjust their sales strategies and confidently approach customers with knowledge of what they can offer.

Efficient Operating

Smooth as silk is a business that allows all channels to access the same data and updates that data daily. e-commerce will become easier with an order management system. It makes it easy to manage your inventory and orders and keeps your customers informed and happy. You have nothing to lose and everything you can gain.


A fully integrated order management system can offer countless benefits for any retail or e-commerce company. Innovadel leverage that expertise to help you satisfy your customer's shopping experience. The e-commerce industry functions differently from others, with a wide range of products and flexible shopping options.

We will integrate order management system implementation and ensure your online store runs smoothly. Our Salesforce expertise can help you become a leading brand in your ever-competitive market.


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