How to Manage Your Data and Contacts in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Credits : Salesforce Support

Learn how contacts are counted and how data is structured in Marketing Cloud. This video explores how Marketing Cloud receives data from many sources and uses it to create a complete customer profile.

0:00 - Why data matters in Marketing Cloud
6:05 - Unique identifiers in Marketing Cloud
14:36 - Data extensions in Marketing Cloud
23:40 - Data extensions demo
45:25 - Automation Studio
51:13 - Query data extensions demo
58:55 - Contact Builder
1:08:39 - Create an attribute group and link to data extensions demo
1:11:00 - Marketing Cloud Connect
1:15:10 - Data and Journey Builder
1:19:25 - Journey Builder decision splits demo
1:25:18 - Best practices for designing your data model


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