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7 New Salesforce Marketing Cloud Features For Powerful Personalization

Personalization has become increasingly important for a brand's digital strategy over the past couple of years, as seen. 78 percent of consumers expect businesses to comprehend their specific requirements and expectations. The three key obstacles that marketers must overcome in order to meet this demand are as follows:

1. Scaling up personalization across channels
2. Powering personalization with owned data in an efficient manner
3. Coordinating corporate efforts to consistently personalize

The strain of these inquiries is lessened by automation. However, the majority of automation solutions often address a single issue, such as generating leads, mail automation, or analytics. Salesforce Marketing Cloud, in comparison, offers a robust ecosystem with complementary solutions to all of your advertising concerns.

There is positive news despite the fact that the stakes and competition are substantially higher. Marketers now have access to greater technology and much more data, which means there are more options to improve customer experiences.

1. Einstein Engagement Frequency

Do you worry that your clients would become email-fatigued from receiving so many texts? How your next emails sent will affect engagement is forecasted by the new "What-If" analyzer tile on the Einstein Engagement Frequency dashboard. You can use this to:

  • Don't subject your subscribers to email fatigue by sending them too many messages.
  • To determine how more messages may affect engagement over the duration, visually test various message frequency situations.
  • Calculate the number of emails you should send for your forthcoming initiatives.

2. Data Extensions Query Support

As a marketer, you must make sure that you are speaking to the appropriate group of people. To increase brand awareness and improve loyalty, you may use Data Extension Query Support to examine the effectiveness of your messaging in relation to certain audience parameters that are maintained in Marketing Cloud's Data Extensions. This new function allows you to:

  • Integrate up to thirty different extensions to your subscription and aggregate Marketing Cloud engagement data to enhance your search analysis.
  • To find new optimization options, run codeless queries using audience attributes from Data Extensions.
  • Utilize independent querying to comprehend the rows and structure of your Data Additions.

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3. Triggered Campaign Messages

Triggered Campaign Messages integrates the finest of Marketing Cloud Personalization with Journey Builder's robust external communication engine, allowing you to reconnect consumers through their chosen channel. Deliver tailored, relevant communications to customers in real-time based on their deep, contextual behavior.

  • Based on an individual's activity, send an email, phone app message, notification, next best action/offer, or in-store visit.
  • Calculate how much time a visitor spends on your website and what the business context is.
  • Use advanced artificial intelligence and powerful real-time segmentation to discover and offer contextually appropriate products that motivate consumers to act.

4. Customer Data Platform

With Marketing Cloud's Customer Data Platform (CDP) improvements, you can get more information about your customers and reach out to them on their chosen channels. New CDP capabilities can assist you in achieving better personalization by:

  • Increasing the amount and types of information that may be exchanged with Marketing Cloud engagement platforms.
  • Integrating data from marketing and non-marketing systems across the business.
  • Using information from the Customer Data Platform to activate Mobile Push contact points in the Marketing Cloud interaction to send personalized mobile messaging.

5. Conditional Completion Actions

Marketers historically had to run numerous automated systems to segment prospects who interacted with marketing assets successfully and at scale. Marketers can now perform these automated processes in one place thanks to the new Conditional Completion Actions.

Personalize your emails, questionnaires, and other materials even further by only activating follow-up activities if a prospect fits a certain list of conditions. Now you can:

  • Suppress the addition of select groups to mailing lists, engagement programs, or auto-responder messages.
  • Distribute prospects to the appropriate user with ease.
  • By further segmenting prospects at the moment where they connect with information, Route leads to more tailored trips.

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6. Database Exports

Enterprise database software is becoming more popular among customers. These databases serve as an information repository for all teams across the corporation. Collecting information from the marketing team, on the other hand, was a pain in the neck in the past.

Because marketing data is frequently complex and segregated, teams are tasked with making it more available across the company. With the new Database Exports capability, we're responding to this trend of database investment. You can use Database Exports to:

  • Import cleaned and harmonized marketing data into your company's database on a regular basis.
  • Make marketing data accessible to other departments inside your company for more in-depth research and insights.
  • Create an audit-proof system of all corporate data by backing up the data you have in Insight in your selected database.

7. Applications from Third Parties

Salesforce Marketing Cloud has a large number of 3rd applications, including those from the Salesforce AppExchange, that may be used to expand its features and tailor it to your specific company needs. Consider the AppExchange to be SFMC's equivalent of the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Aside from the AppExchange, SFMC can be enhanced with a variety of third-party solutions from Salesforce partners.

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