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4 Best Ways to Improve Customer Engagement with Salesforce Field Service

Every client has experienced the annoyance of booking a field service appointment: you're put on wait, scheduled for the following month, and informed someone would arrive between 8 and 6 p.m. You are, in essence, vulnerable to the shortcomings of a reactive approach to field service management.

Why aren't clients able to enjoy same-day asset installation as they do when they put an urgent item on Amazon or easily schedule an appointment like they would an Uber ride? Field service teams must be proactive and put the client in the car with interconnected, consumer-like experiences when 84 percent of customers feel the service a company delivers is as essential as its products and services.

What is Field Service?

Without a field service management system, managing a mobile workforce is like attempting to herd cats. Field service management is typically necessary for industries where it is required to hire independent contractors and mobile personnel. It might be in the telecommunications industry, business, professional services, utility services, transportation, and much more.

Coordination of field activities, such as organizing service appointments, monitoring product inventory, tracking appointment status, etc., is the core function of field service management. Without an automated system, managing the firm would be practically impossible with the addition of clients and contractors. We are really grateful for your Field Service!

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Field Services to Increase Customer Engagement

Every time a customer connects with a company, they always anticipate some level of control, ease, and flexibility. Thus, in order to provide clients with the best service, a company must strategically plan its field service. Salesforce Field Service Lightning has greatly simplified field service and given businesses a plan for increasing customer engagement. You can create a proactive customer interaction model by using the connected FSL in Salesforce in the methods we've mentioned below.

1. Self-service Enables Users Control

Customer wants the same degree of control, convenience, and flexibility in the corporate world that they have as a consumer. They are used to scheduling meetings, placing orders, and getting prompt confirmation without ever taking their eyes off their phones.

With self-service features to create and modify requests and open the lines of communication across channels, businesses can provide a customer experience.

Make a portal for customers. Customers can arrange or change appointments and access FAQs for frequently asked issues through a readily accessible client portal on your internet, perhaps eliminating the need for appointments.

Utilize chatbots. Customers want a prompt response to their questions. In order to give customers a consistent experience, chatbots that are enabled on your website or customer portal can handle typical inquiries like how to schedule an appointment or check the status of a service request.

Allowing access to service history. Make use of your customer portal as a single location to schedule appointments, view service histories, and negotiate service-level agreements. The availability of this data eliminates the need for customers to call in for clarification and redundant problem-solving processes.

2. Update Service Status Automatically

Nothing makes consumers angrier than having to contact and inquire about a mobility worker's location or the reason they haven't come yet. By automatically updating clients by mail, SMS, or the customer portal, you can lessen this friction. When a mobility worker is close by or if there are any delays, consumers are informed. This raises satisfaction and lowers dispatchers' volume of calls.

3. Streamline the Visit Process

While businesses can automate the entire post-visit process with a list of services documented in the client portal in today's digital environment, consumers may still get a copy of operations completed. Provide consumers with a digital payment option so they never need to mail a check or give their credit card number over the phone. Additionally, give them the opportunity to chat with agents in real-time if they have any questions or problems.

Reach out to them personally through their chosen channels or send out an online survey questionnaire asking about everything from problem-solving to their experience working with a mobile worker in order to seal the feedback loop. In order to sustain and grow, it helps to adapt staffing and education to better match client needs and tackle any problems.

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4. Keep Customers Engaged

Customers are unlikely to recollect to fix something that isn't broken unless planned maintenance is included under the equipment service contract. Utilize real-time data to assess asset state and identify when it requires preventative maintenance or an update in order to be proactive.

With the use of this data, automated timely alerts are sent to customers through email, SMS, or the customer portal with updates and reminders for appointments. Customers benefit, expenditures are reduced, and engagement is maintained even when there isn't a problem.

Are you prepared to go above and beyond to increase consumer engagement? Learn how to become proactive rather than reactive and provide the finest client experiences by taking the field service basics trail on Trailhead, our free learning platform.

Wrapping Up

You should constantly be willing to go above and beyond to satisfy the customers. Finding techniques to increase customer interaction is always worthwhile because clients will make or destroy your company. You may enhance your field service with the aid of the Salesforce Field Service Mobile App in all the ways that could keep your clients loyal to you and satisfied.

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