Turn Your Mission into a ‘Connected’ Nonprofit with Salesforce

Technological disruption is pervading every industry, and the Non-profit sector is no longer a different kettle of fish.

For non-profits, where collaboration, communication, community building can drive radical changes to advance core missions, one solution that’s currently leading the impact is – Salesforce.

Salesforce for non-profits, is marking a generational shift in the way not-for-profit organizations are engaging their constituents, raising funds, managing operations, building loyalty, maintaining relationships, and springing surprises for their donors.

Put differently, Salesforce is leveling the playing field for Nonprofits, by getting them easy access to the technology used by leading Fortune 500 companies. It lets you:

Accelerate Your Time to Impact

The time it takes to contribute to the cause you stand for is a key factor that determines the success of your nonprofit.

Used Case:

American Red Cross, one of the world’s leading humanitarian organizations, providing relief to millions of people in every corner of the world uses Salesforce to manage relationships with its constituents.

It merges information from national partners and local field units in Sales Cloud, making building relationships with volunteers and supporters, expressing gratitude to people for their efforts as well as spreading the word during a disaster, very simple.

Besides, to take the leverage of social media, which is increasingly becoming instrumental in reaching out for help during exigencies, the Red Cross has set up a Digital Operations Center that uses Salesforce Marketing Cloud. It lets them hear conversations on social media, keep an ear to the ground and respond to crisis in time. In addition, the organization can measure the effectiveness of their outreach, and turn insights into actionable strategies.

Send Constituents the Right Message at the Right Time

Nonprofits need to be strategic when it comes to delivering information to their constituents. Salesforce Marketing Cloud can arm your nonprofit with an ability to get close to your audience and engage with them, in what appears to be a natural progression towards your targeted goals. In other words, you move forward in the direction of achieving your plans, but on their terms.

Use Case:

Change.org, the not-for-profit organization aims at bringing about change by empowering ordinary citizenry to ‘start a petition’ and raise awareness about their cause. Being a social enterprise, it thrives on garnering support by taking campaigns to whom it matters the most through a systematic series of communications. Marketing cloud helps them analyze how engaged a user has been since their very first welcome. It also equips them with dynamic content to personalize emails for stirring up the user’s interest, send communication based on carefully analyzed, comprehensive view of the customer. This brings Change.org valuable insights about how it’s proceeding in interacting with its target audience, and how that aligns with their goals.

Deliver Your Services and Programs, Faster

Like any for-profit business, in nonprofits, too, reaching your audience on time is of the essence. Salesforce lets today’s non-profits build the tools their teams require to serve their mission. This means saving time by relying less on paperwork or spreadsheets, and replacing them with automated workflows. Apart from that it helps them install or create social and mobile apps to meet those who are in dire need of your mission’s help.

Use Case:

Polaris project, an organization that combats human-trafficking and modern day slavery, works on a model which requires them to constantly expedite their response to trafficking situations. Salesforce powers its toll free hotline, that gets almost hundred thousand messages every year in the form of emails, calls, website submissions to report and prevent human trafficking. The Polaris project uses Salesforce service cloud and force.com to not only get a complete client view, but track cases, and showcase the impact of their mission to its supporters.

Strengthen and Engage with Your Community

Communities are indispensable for non-profits. They’re a vehicle for advancing causes and nurturing relationships with people motivated towards a shared goal. It’s where people can build connections, share ideas, stories, knowledge as well as support each other. Salesforce helps not-for-profits drive engagement via social intranets to see action.


Use Case:

Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA), the biggest organization that’s helping veteran security personnel to make a smooth switch to civilian life. Salesforce for nonprofits has answered their needs by building a community of more than three hundred thousand veterans who can find employment, share information, get assistance, or just talk to each other to get normalcy back into their lives. Using Sales Cloud and Chatter, Salesforce created and launched ‘Rucksack’, a program that offers veterans with rewards such as tickets for games/concerts, education, employment options, even suits for interviews, and several other opportunities.

Wrapping Up

All of the above have one element in common, they’re all targeted towards harnessing the power of – connectivity. Salesforce for nonprofits offers a soup to nuts solution for today’s not-for-profit organizations, to be at par with the most advanced organizations of the world.

Built specifically for today’s connected, on the fly generation, the social technologies provided by Salesforce are driving far-reaching changes to collaborate, innovate, and communicate for furthering the cause of nonprofits.

With Salesforce offering deep insights, new opportunities, along with precise, relevant and targeted information, nonprofits needn’t look any further to find their footing.


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