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Preparing for a Salesforce certification? Planning to apply for a Salesforce Job? Preparing for interviews? Then why don't you take up a quick Salesforce quiz and test your knowledge to boost up your confidence a bit more? Signing up for a quiz every now and then to see where you stand, never hurts anyone, in fact, it will help you in getting an in-depth understanding of the platform and will increase your insights. This list of Top Salesforce Quizzes has been curated with the help of the Salesforce experts at Forcetaks, who are committed to sharing their knowledge and helping their communities succeed and always believe in giving back to the ohana by helping out all the trailblazers. Taking up these Salesforce Quizzes will help only you in gaining that extra bit of knowledge that always comes in handy. So don't wait up anymore and get yourself ready to become a pro in the Salesforce ecosystem.