Do You Have Skills to Become a Salesforce Developer in 2024?

What is a Salesforce Developer?

Salesforce developers are professionals who build functionalities in a sandbox with Visualforce or Apex before handing them over to the Salesforce Administrator for deployment or execution. Salesforce developers develop functionality by creating Salesforce triggers and creating Visualforce pages as per the needs of the client. In computing parlance, a sandbox refers to a testing environment in a computer system in which new or untested software or coding can be run safely without impacting other stuff.

In addition to having ample certifications from Salesforce, there are some other skills that are required for being a great developer. These are non-technical skills. You may call them soft skills. In today's blog, we list some skills that enable a developer to be a great developer. These are skills that help developers get jobs and retain them. So, let's see which ones you have.

Top Skills to Become A Salesforce Developer

  • Communicating with Non-Technical People: The ability to communicate clearly and effectively with laypeople (people who are not familiar with a specific or technical domain) so that they understand what has been conveyed. It means being able to keep tech jargon aside and dumb down information for all to understand. Jargon free language is the new buzzword.
  • Openness to Gain Knowledge: No one is an expert on all topics. It's simply not possible. It is vital to use the knowledge base of others in your company or via online communities. This means you are more efficient in your job. Find quick or innovative remedies based on the knowledge of others. make knowledge sharing an integral part of the company's culture.
  • Collaboration Skills: You are not a solo person, and you thrive in a collaborative environment. You can say you are a team player. Being open to working with others helps you and your company grow. All companies are looking for team players. Are you one?

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  • Time Management Skills: The higher in life you rise, the more responsibilities land on your shoulders. This means that it's time to live life with effective time management. If you don't lack this skill so far, no worries; it's not too late. Start by waking up 30 minutes early every day, prioritizing tasks, and making checklists.
  • Prioritize Goals and Objectives: However busy you are with coding, etc., at the end of the day, keep the business goals and objectives at the forefront to ensure everything that is done is to achieve these goals.
  • Be Vocal & Solution-focused: If something needs to be fixed, etc., speak up. Don't be nasty, rude, etc., but have an opinion and a solution; speak up. Do not remain silent on important issues, whether they are minor or major.
  • Be Social and Culture-oriented: Companies want staff that is social and gels well with the company's culture & values. No one wants an employee who is antagonistic and possesses outdated values such as racism, sexism, or homophobia.

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