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How Does Salesforce Revenue Cloud Benefit Sales and E-Commerce Businesses?

As Sales and E-Commerce business channels are affected by the ongoing pandemic, the generated revenue and customer demands are also deteriorating at an equal pace. Everyone is concerned about solving this problem and, as a result, switching their business from a traditional to a digital platform.

For a Sales and ECommerce business to run effectively and efficiently, one should understand Salesforce Revenue Cloud. And how Salesforce Revenue Cloud is enabling customers to enhance their business productivity and their customers' buying experiences.

What is Salesforce Revenue Cloud?

Salesforce Revenue Cloud is a unified platform to connect different functionalities of the Salesforce ecosystem’s tools like CPQ, PRM, Billing, and B2B Commerce. This revenue cloud allows enterprises to manage operations of various departments like sales, marketing, and finance and assists them in maximizing their revenue generation, gaining AI insights, and forecasting capabilities for their business.

Features of Salesforce Revenue Cloud

A DIY Service Portal

Salesforce Revenue Cloud provides a platform to construct a precise catalogue of your offered products & services for customers to browse and select choices according to their needs and requirements. Also, Customers can submit their quote requests depending on their demands.

Updated Pricing

Keep your products’ or services’ prices and details up to date in your products catalogue to automate your lead-to-sale cycle effectively. It’ll help your customers to make quick decisions for their needs and thus, generate maximized revenue.

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Eliminates Human Errors

Salesforce Revenue Cloud assists employees in automating billing operations flexibly with accelerated revenue generation by eliminating manual errors while billing.

Finance Management

You can manage and track the financial activities of your enterprise with the deep analytics and purchasing history of your customers seamlessly. Moreover, organizations can monitor and modify their sales strategies with a complete overview of customers' details.

Salesforce Revenue Cloud Strengthens B2B Commerce Business 

Enhanced Buying Experience

Salesforce Revenue Cloud provides a collaborative platform for customers to switch various sales channels like partners, direct sales, and e-commerce businesses according to their essentials. From optimizing their cart to connecting with sales reps for smooth transactions and inquiries on their own from the available self-service portal, customers obtain customized and configured digital storefronts for an enhanced buying experience.

Maximized Revenue Efficiency

Salesforce Revenue Cloud offers automated sales operations like data reconciling, order transcriptions, and diverse approvals within an enterprise seamlessly. Moreover, it facilitates real-time interaction with customers, detailed purchasing history, and much more that leads to accelerated revenue generation for an organization.

Generate new Revenue Streams

With an industry-specific tool named "Vlocity" featuring in Salesforce Revenue Cloud, businesses can simplify their complex revenue-related operations such as revenue subscription and consumption pricing in an efficient & timely manner. Salesforce Revenue Cloud provides a unified platform for setting up a new revenue cloud model with the help of an inbuilt billing tool to induce new B2B sales strategies effectively. 

Enhanced & Optimized Performance

By acquiring enhanced visibility of orders, invoices, and KPIs on a real-time dashboard provided by Salesforce Revenue Cloud, organizations can improve their customers' interactions more efficiently. Revenue cloud optimizes the performance of the ERP system of an organization accelerates growth and boosts ROI.

Eliminates Manual Operations

Organizing and managing sales aspects like invoicing, data reconciliation, transcription of orders, etc. manually, is a very time-consuming and complex process. Salesforce Revenue Cloud offers a Customer Asset Lifecycle Management Tool that automates operations and facilitates revenue cycles to improve business productivity.

Seamless Integration

Salesforce Revenue Cloud integrates various operations like quote-to-cash cycle, finance management, etc., on a collaborative platform for making it accessible to sales reps more readily. This seamless integration simplifies time-consuming operations and leads an organization to productive growth.

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Better Strategic Approach

Implementing innovative sales strategies to enhance B2B commerce business, every organization needs to follow an improved strategic approach to maintain a connection between partners and their customers. For doing so, partners can present discounts to end-users based on their preferences. This will help in building partners DIY portals with extended Salesforce CPQ offering to connect customers and revenue life-cycle.

Get Connected with Melonleaf to Implement your Salesforce Revenue Cloud

Salesforce Revenue Cloud provides business agility and enhanced productivity to organizations if implemented and configured rightly. Melonleaf delivers Salesforce solutions with services like Sales Cloud implementations, integrations, configurations, and consultations. So, optimize your business' revenue life cycle and boosts ROI with the impeccable implementation of Salesforce Revenue Cloud with us.


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