How Salesforce IoT Cloud Prove to be Beneficial for Your Business

The term, Internet of Things (IoT), is a system of connected computing devices, such as mobiles, digital machines, and other objects with the potential of transferring data over a defined network. 

With IoT, there is no requirement for human-to-computer or human-to-human interactions. Everything happens itself, maybe linked but at the same time, independent. 

With effective IoT in place, customer requirements can be met before clients even realize the requirements themselves. 

Let's now check what Salesforce IoT Cloud can perform amazingly for you. 

Salesforce IoT Benefits for Customers

  • With Salesforce Einstein, regular events are processed to offer you the correct information where you require it. 
  • Test the business ideas with no requirement to code; test the new ideas, and free your creativity in this IoT world.
  • With Salesforce IoT Cloud, you can send IoT device data in the format you choose. 
  • A deeper, personal bond with the assistance of a proactive strategy to customer issues and needs. Remold how organizations carry business and enhance customer retention and interaction. 

More Benefits of Salesforce IoT Cloud for Your Business

No Code Technology

The Salesforce IoT Cloud follows a low code strategy that permits business executives to conduct their IoT processes with no need to connect with the IT department. The orchestration rules can be prepared in a way that seems to be quite similar to a customer journey. You should put responses and triggers and witness while IoT looks after numerous processes for you. The IoT actions transfer your IoT data to any Salesforce key platforms i.e Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud, and more, and automatically craft an action item. This means it automatically develops a Lead form for a client whose product will fail soon. The low code strategy lowers down costs in various places and assists you to test the business ideas swiftly with no need for any code. 

Discover New Business and Pricing Models

Accumulating and analyzing the data from the linked things, organizations attain the spreading context of how clients are employing their products and services and how effective these services and products are. With such data, organizations can find opportunities to optimize available business operations, provide cost-effective and new cooperation models, and the plans of utilizing services and products to customers, and also uncover new and extra beneficial business models

Customer Context

The Machine learning aspect belonging to the Salesforce IoT Cloud, Customer Context stores and analyzes the past actions and behaviors when making decisions in real-time. The Customer Context considers Customer History, Customer Location, and Service History and fuses it with IoT device data to offer you a comprehensive image of what's going on.

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Data Analytics

Every day, Salesforce IoT Cloud ingests billions of events. Data processing tools are a significant architectural component to target IoT solution development.

To increase data processing, Salesforce utilizes Einstein analytics, a business analytics software developed completely in the cloud. It assists CRM users to open up insights from big sets of data embracing sensor data and related ERP records, website logs, and much more. 

By exploring data from external sources and Salesforce, CRM users can catch up with expanded images of how the service and products are used, trace the trends, and make anticipations. Einstein chooses the best way of visualization automatically and prompts the users to build a story to make the reports easily readable, understandable, and memorable. 

Einstein Analytics is optimized for phones, tablets, and even watches. Its users can develop and customize their b utilizing in-built dashboard components. Salesforce also provides online training to assist users to get more details about this tool. 

Connected Customer Profiles

In Salesforce IoT Cloud, you may craft all the customer profiles that are linked to the customer and product as well. 

Working: Such linked customer profiles are connected to all the devices in the possession of the customers with incoming data from these devices. There exist endless opportunities. 

Suppose you are an owner of a windmill with all turbines linked to the Salesforce IoT Cloud. You only need to open the CRM on your mobile or desktop and attain an integrated view of the performance of your windmill right down to all single turbines. You can also take care of energy generation, energy consumption, and even performance metrics. 

With IoT, your windmill can adjust the turbine performance and rotatory speed based on weather conditions and predictions automatically searched from the Internet. 

As everything is connected, any failure of equipment is also linked automatically with the concerned department. On turbine failure, Salesforce IoT Cloud will link automatically with the Customer Service Department to file a complaint and show you a red flag, which may allow you to set maintenance as per your convenience. The Maintenance team will receive a work order on the map holding the routing options and equipment status in question. As the IoT is linked to all other Salesforce Cloud platforms, it recognizes and directs the problem to the related platform itself. 

Linking Data with Customer Experience

Data from the connected things of customers can be utilized to enhance customer management. That's why, utilizing rule-based strategy, control applications can send service notifications in which sensors attain the data relevant to the real-time status of a product, compare them with the values that are stored in the local database of the app, and make you notified earlier only that a product will demand service. 

With machine learning-based control, the data from connected things of customers can be utilized to update an IoT system regularly. 

For example - Salesforce Einstein Analytics can assist in identifying which patterns of utilizing a product mostly result in damage and make the user informed when their actions can lead to an unfavorable effect on a product. 

Customer Acquisition/Lead Generation

The Salesforce IoT Cloud approaches perfectly ahead of simple B2B processes. With every product linked to the Cloud, the Sales team detaches the outdated item that will soon suffer warranty end, have a huge new update, and which is working below standard. This detail can be utilized in many ways to enhance Salesforce processes

You can also target customers perfectly who want your product. You can develop custom offers and send them to the clients before a warranty ends, or pitch a new product when the available product is not working up to the expectation. 

Also, you can set the Salesforce IoT to conduct such actions itself by defining a bunch of rules. Set a rule depending on performance metrics and whenever the product works lower than anticipation, an automatic entry is made to the Customer Support teams and the Sales team to look into. All this data can be used in many ways to predict and analyze customer needs and customer behavior. The IoT Cloud improves customer retention and acquisition through an entirely automated process

Enterprise Applications Integration

Well, Salesforce IoT Cloud can be employed as a standalone service for data processing and data storing, it also holds the connectors to integrate with other Salesforce products or the 3rd-party systems that a company uses. Such integration makes sure that the flow of useful data from many sources and between the multipurpose corporate systems is stable. With all such data, Einstein Analytics can offer all-around reports and make valuable conclusions from all current details about products, customers, and services. 

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Wrapping Up

The future of your business will rely on their responsiveness to the altering needs of customers and proactive strategy to resolve customer issues and offer support. The Salesforce IoT Cloud is a big step in the exact direction for your business future. 

Salesforce IoT assists companies in gathering the big data produced by customers and uses it in various amazing ways. It is a reliable tool to link enterprises with partners, and customers and also personalize business interactions. 


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