Change the Text Color in Salesforce

How to Change the Text Color in Salesforce Lightning

The most effective method to change Themes and Branding in Salesforce

Salesforce gives an approach to change the topic and marking on lightning stages. Subjects consist of foundation pictures and shadings. These components consolidate to give us granular control of the appearance and design of each page in our Salesforce lightning. Subjects are about the look and feel of your Salesforce lightning

Stage 1: Go to Setup  -> Quick Find Box -> Search for  User Interface  – >Sites and Domains- >Theme and Branding.

Stage 2: Click The New Theme button. 

Stage 3: Enter a Theme Name and Description. In the event that you need to change the brand picture click on the Brand picture box and pick the picture. 

Stage 4: If you need to change the brand tone (button, button letters, and so forth… ) click brand tone and pick the tone as you need, and snap done. 

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Stage 5: If you need to change the foundation shading click Page Background under shading segment and pick the tone as you need and snap done. 

Stage 6: If you need to change the header shading click Global Header

Stage 7: If you need to utilize interface shading the same as the brand tone, check the use brand tone or pick the tone on the Brand-Based Color Palette

Stage 8: If you need to change the background picture, click transfer on Page Background Image under picture segment and pick the picture.

Remember these contemplations when working with topics: 

Just each topic can be dynamic in turn, and a theme applies to your whole organization

Naturally, organizations utilize the underlying Lightning Blue topic. 

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You can make up to 300 custom themes, yet you can't alter or clone the inherent theme given by Salesforce

Regardless of whether you haven't chosen the alternative to supersede topics in the App Manager, your application's image picture and shading consistently abrogate the Lightning Lite and Lightning Blue themes.


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