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Artificial Intelligence in Salesforce Einstein - An Overview

To begin with artificial intelligence, it is the branch of computer science that focuses on the development of machine intelligence which makes machines work like humans and can plan, work and think without any human effort after the machines are trained accordingly. Artificial intelligence for business helps in such a way that these sets of machine learning and deep learning provide recommendations and predictions to the employees and support the decisions and bring more help to automation.

Salesforce Einstein is the basis of Artificial intelligence and brings out the integration over the Salesforce platform. It brings out the more efficient insights from the analysis based on data present in the org. 

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How does it work?

Salesforce Einstein gathers all the data of the organization, does the analysis regarding parameters then data models are created which are trained, and then testing is done over a huge amount of data sets. From these insights, Einstein can predict the near future profits or downfall or the step from where the changes occur and future business will be affected. It is not a one time task to do and finish, this works all time and on all the incoming data and hence changes in predictions and affected factors are evaluated. To support the predictions and statements, Salesforce AI provides the explanations and highlights factors affecting the evaluation. 

It does such a huge work so requires huge data sets too, here the huge consists of at least 1000 leads and more than 100 opportunities which are converted and closed over the past half-year, so that the machine gets trained through these data sets.

Salesforce AI in Sales and Marketing Field

  • It helps in prioritizing the potential lead and this helps in focussing on the right lead and spending time on the person who can make business more.
  • Any changes in the person account or business account are under observation which makes the employee be aware of what is happening and what can happen in the future.
  • Customer satisfaction is also the major part to be taken care of, Einstein helps in the automatic redirection of support calls and feedback from the customers to the assigned employee.
  • By automating most of the work, the employees can focus on lead conversion rather than wasting time and investing their brains on inputting data and fighting with insight generation.

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Major role of Artificial Intelligence in Salesforce Business

1. Tracking

Maintaining track for each change in the organization, so that it can prevent any major loss before it happens and make the management aware of what is going to happen due to the running changes.

2. Prediction

By working on data sets and on the basis of organization data, predictions help in molding the strategies so that the profits can be made even more.

3. Financial analysis

Analyzing the data and making a way in finance by affecting the decisions made over investments and managing them so that decisions do not bear any loss in the future.

4. Help Desk

Not only Salesforce but most of the businesses have already adopted AI chatbots for the support and it really helps in making the support available 24/7 for the customers across the globe.

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