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Top Salesforce Service Cloud Einstein Features For B2B Business

The Salesforce CRM platform is the world leader in customer relationship management and doesn't stop at optimizing its performance. It is a powerful service that uses Einstein AI & Analytics to extend the functionalities of Service Cloud, starting with the Enterprise edition. 

A customer's needs are becoming increasingly complex, and a business's ability to solve them is becoming increasingly essential. The Service Cloud makes it easier to craft and deploy a perfect service experience that meets your customers' needs — wherever they are, whatever they're doing. 

There are several benefits to using the Service Cloud. This is where Service Cloud Einstein comes into play. 

In this blog, we'll talk about the Salesforce Service Cloud Einstein features for B2B businesses

What Is Salesforce Einstein?

Salesforce Einstein is an artificial intelligence-powered platform that combines the power of automated learning with the power of the CRM Platform.

Einstein is designed to help you make smarter, faster decisions by surfacing insights from your data and delivering them to you in real time, whenever and wherever you need them.

Salesforce Einstein combines natural language processing (NLP) with deep learning to enable customer service agents to respond more intelligently and knowledgeably to customers' queries. It also uses natural language generation (NLG) technology to generate responses when agents cannot respond in real-time automatically.

Merging Service Cloud And Einstein

Developers who want to use Einstein platform services can extend the standard Salesforce Service Cloud functionality by creating custom apps that incorporate Salesforce Service Cloud Einstein features. Platform services become available if a developer buys an add-on SKU or subscribes to usage-based licensing. For example:

  • You can use the Einstein Prediction Builder by buying the Einstein Predictions SKU or the Einstein Analytics Plus SKU.
  • You can use Einstein Language intent models or sentiment analysis models to better understand your customer's wants and needs. By buying 1 million monthly predictions, you'll clearly understand how your customers feel about your product.

With an understanding of the Einstein feature categories and use case models, we'll look at the top features for Salesforce Service Cloud.

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Top Service Cloud Einstein Features

Service Cloud Einstein is the latest version of Salesforce's customer service platform. It's packed with features that make it easier to manage customer interactions and ensure that your customers have a great experience. Along with great customer experience, it can help you avoid common business mistakes

Here are some of the most important features:

1. Einstein Article Recommendation

The AI model builder feature is available for anyone with Salesforce Service Cloud Enterprise Edition or above. If you have over 100 English knowledge articles and 1000 closed cases, you have everything you need to build an AI model. The model learns from past knowledge articles to help resolve new cases.

Service agents can use the Knowledge Lightning component in the Lightning Service Console to access recommended articles ranked by relevance. With this tool, agents can attach an article to a case, edit an article, or mark an article as "not helpful." As agents use the Knowledge Lightning component, Einstein becomes smarter and can learn from these interactions over time.

2. Einstein Reply Recommendation

The reply recommendations in the Sales CCloud Einstein help you build a predictive model using past chat transcripts. This way, you can identify common responses to customer inquiries in the chat service channel. After you have completed the model, you can then go through and choose which replies you want to be visible to service agents. You can also edit these replies before making them visible.

By adding the Einstein Replies Lightning component, service agents can get reply recommendations in the Lightning Service Console. To use a recommended reply as a chat response, an agent can select it and, optionally, edit it first.

3. Einstein's Next Best Action

This functionality allows service agents to see the next best actions they can take with a given customer in a given situation. These actions can range from sending a message to the customer as an apology for a delay to making special offers or discounts. 

Having the information available can help product managers make decisions quickly and efficiently without wasting time searching for the right course of action.

4. Einstein Case Classification

The Einstein Case Classification system uses a historical approach to train its AI model. By looking at how service agents have set values for lookup, checkbox, and picklist fields in the past, the model can learn how to recommend values for new cases. For example, if you input the contents of the Subject and Description fields, Einstein Case Classification can use that information to recommend values for the Type and Reason fields.

The Lightning Service Console uses a special component called the Case Details component to recommend field values to service agents. Einstein will automatically set the field value for you if a recommended value is above a certain confidence threshold.

5. Einstein Case Routing

After Einstein Case Classification automatically updates a field with a recommended value, Einstein Case Routing runs case assignment rules and Attribute Setup for Skills-Based Routing rules.

Einstein Case Classification is a powerful tool that can help improve the accuracy and consistency of field values, which can help enhance the routing of cases by Einstein Case Routing.

6. Analytics Service

This Einstein Analytics template is designed to help service agents streamline decision-making by analyzing customer behavior. Service agents can more effectively respond to customer queries by understanding various KPIs. 

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7. Einstein Prediction Builder

The Einstein Prediction Builder makes it easy to create custom prediction models without coding. For example, you could make a model that predicts the renewal of a support contract for a customer. This is based on factors such as past interactions with your company, how long they have been a customer, and other personal details like age and location.

8. Einstein Bots

Einstein Bots are a lot like customer service representatives but without any of the hassle. They are there to answer customer questions and help gather information. They integrate with chat and messaging channels and use natural language processing to provide a more conversational experience for customers. This way, customers don't have to wait on hold or deal with long customer service lines.

Einstein Bots are a valuable tool for contact centers. The bots in Salesforce Einstein for service agents help them work on more challenging and rewarding cases while automating the resolution of repetitive customer inquiries. This can help improve KPIs such as first response time, first contact resolution, average handling time, and customer satisfaction. Furthermore, as Einstein Bots can be available 24/7, this can also help with agent retention.

Wrapping Up

With such a wide range of features, it's understandable to feel overwhelmed when deciding which features are necessary. In reality, not all features will apply to every company, so take a step back and assess things on a case-by-case basis.

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