Learn All About Salesforce Einstein

Salesforce has expanded its cloud customer relationship management (CRM) software-as-a-service products by adding artificial intelligence (AI) through its Einstein brand, which launched in 2016. Since then, it began powering each release with its roster of advanced capabilities that add more valuable insights for its business users.

The company has worked on Einstein even more over the last few years, spending over $4 billion on AI specialist acquisitions like BeyondCore, MetaMind, and Relate IQ. Along the way, it has amassed a team of 175 data scientists, leaving no stone unturned and offering only the best to its users. Here’s what you need to know about Salesforce Einstein:

What Exactly is Salesforce Einstein?

Salesforce Einstein features capabilities that bring forth important insights and their contexts to business users. Through these features, sales professionals will identify better prospects and close deals faster through predictive lead scoring and automatic data capture, allowing them to convert leads into opportunities and opportunities into contracts more efficiently.

AI’s success is mainly dependent on the data that powers it. Fortunately, Salesforce has data in spades, enabling it to train Einstein predictive models on a wide range of data that its other products collect. Such data includes customer data, email, calendar, eCommerce information, Chatter activity, social data streams, and Internet of Things signals. Einstein continues adapting to rapidly changing user behaviour as data enters the cloud platform, providing users with updated insights.

Salesforce has also made Einstein capabilities available for App Cloud users and developers to integrate AI features, like predictive actions, into new or current apps. Using Einstein makes all apps smarter than ever, equipping the customer success platform with even more helpful information.

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What are the features of Salesforce Einstein?

One of Einstein’s most prominent features is its Prediction Builder, enabling customers to develop custom AI models using predictions for any field in the platform. It identifies the field they wish to predict and chooses the data they want to use simply by pointing and clicking. On the other hand, Einstein Bots allows users to create chatbots supplied by CRM data and historical service that instantly responds to common customer inquiries.

Furthermore, Einstein Forecasting is an innovative tool sales staff can use to devise accurate forecasts based on their historical CRM data. It is powered by numerous self-learning algorithms that observe individual and team forecasting behaviour to furnish future sales with objective insights. These are some of the many features available in Salesforce Einstein that could propel your business to new heights.

How Can Einstein Help Your Business?

The increasingly digital landscape has forced businesses to innovate to stay relevant. With Einstein, you can transform your operations with AI, making you more intelligent and accurately predict your customers’ behaviours. Your sales team can anticipate opportunities and go above and beyond for your customers to fulfil their needs. You can also be proactive by taking the initiative to prevent problems, creating a smooth experience for your customers. Your marketing team can also generate predictive journeys and offer personalized experiences unlike any other.

Einstein is integrated into numerous Salesforce products, so you don’t have to prepare data or manage models to use it. It’s essentially plug-and-play since all you have to do is put your data in Salesforce. The features you have that are supported by Einstein will use that data to give you more refined information about your customers. Additionally, Einstein is secure since it is built on the sturdy and flexible Salesforce security architecture, which more than 150,000 companies worldwide trust.

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Salesforce Einstein can give you the edge you need to be more competitive than ever. By getting started with Einstein, you’ll have access to smarter insights that make it easier to predict your customers, allowing you to pivot your offerings and stand out in your industry.

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