Salesforce Initiatives To Help Your Nonprofit Organization

Nonprofit organizations need a tremendous amount of resources—but many have little to no budget to purchase high-end technology to manage their workflow and financials. Unfortunately, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are crucial to handle marketing and other support processes needed to run a nonprofit.

This is where Salesforce comes in.

Salesforce is committed to contributing to social causes and fulfilling all social responsibilities. If your organization is recognized as a charitable, nonprofit, non-governmental, educational, or social change organization in your country, Salesforce will be happy to serve you! Through Salesforce, your nonprofit team can fund and run your entire mission using one integrated platform. In fact, 82% of nonprofit and education customers say Salesforce technology has improved how they get things done.

Here are three initiatives that help nonprofit organizations:

Power of Us Program

Salesforce’s Power of Us program gives educational institutions and nonprofit organizations access to Salesforce products to help with your social impact. Eligible nonprofits with limited budgets receive tremendous assistance through 10 free Salesforce Licenses (Enterprise Edition Sales or Service Cloud) and discounts on other Salesforce products, services, training, and events.

Discounts are also offered for Apps and consulting partners on AppExchange. The Donor Management App is also provided for free. Salesforce developed this App for the easy integration and customization of your donor program. This is a powerful tool that you can use to boost your funds and maintain communication with your constituents.

The Power of Us Hub is a resource center for all Salesforce users in the Non-Profit and Education sector. In this online community, you can interact with fellow customers, certified partners, and Salesforce staff. Various resources and training programs cater to your specific needs.

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To be eligible for the Power of Us discount, donation, and community programs, you need to provide legal documentation that you are recognized as a charitable organization in your home country. You also need to have an active trial with Salesforce.

Nonprofit Organization

Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP)

The NPSP is a free and open-source Constituent Relationship Management system built especially for nonprofit organizations. Through NPSP, you can effectively communicate with your team and manage your most important relationships. The program management features will help you track all of your programs—as your nonprofit grows, Nonprofit Cloud grows with you.

NPSP provides an industry-specific data model, objects, and capabilities to help manage supporters, donations, and programs all in one place. Through the NPSP, you can capture all of your income data in real-time and effectively measure your fundraising performance. There are over 60 dashboards available to your fundraising team so you can analyze and share your financial success with your supporters.

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud

As an integrated platform built specifically with nonprofits in mind, Salesforce’s Nonprofit Cloud makes it easy to bring all aspects of your organization together. Fundraising, Program Management, Marketing, and Grantmaking teams will be able to collaborate with ease, working more efficiently to drive change.

One of the biggest challenges of any organization is breaking down the walls between each team and keeping everyone unified and working towards the same goals. Nonprofit Cloud offers solutions for every aspect of your organization—Fundraising, Marketing, and Program Management, especially—to deliver simplified, yet amplified experiences to donors, supporters, and stakeholders.

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If you are a nonprofit or an educational organization, Salesforce has opened the door for you to avail of their high-end solutions. You can leverage this technology to manage your workflow, track your programs’ impact, and effectively communicate with your constituents. Salesforce is your partner in making a significant impact on your community—leverage it now to create more social impact on society!

In a recent community impact report by Salesforce, 64% of Salesforce customers mentioned using a Salesforce consultant to build, expand, or enhance their program. Having a consultant/subject expert eases the process of moving onto a new platform. If you are new to Salesforce and looking for implementation services, you are in luck. Apphienz offers Salesforce Jump Start Packages to get you off the ground so that you can start utilizing Salesforce. With Apphienz, you can now generate even better results with your Salesforce Instance. If your nonprofit is already on the Salesforce platform and you are struggling to maintain your Salesforce Instance, you can avail Salesforce managed service and support for your nonprofit organization, to get the max out of your Salesforce. Apphienz is a Salesforce consulting partner that can provide you with regionally-based experts to help you with your efforts. Achieve all of your fundraising goals and reach out to us today!


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