Salesforce Spring'21 Release Update For Nonprofit Cloud

Organizations have adopted technology as a crucial strategy in handling the new normal as the environment continues to shift. Moving to digital and spending more on technology were the top two improvements that charities made during the pandemic. Almost 56% of nonprofits claimed to have transitioned to digital services.

In the Nonprofit Cloud Spring’21 update, prime technology will be delivered to Nonprofit Cloud customers. Salesforce has strengthened the fundraising, marketing and participation, program management, and grants management solutions in this update, enabling the customers to flourish in the now normal.


With the fund-raising technologies, organizations can build Donor-Centric experiences. This will allow customers to:

  1. Provide a seamless and completely advertised donation experience for donors.

  2. Smoothly integrate with Elevate by creating recurring gift payments in NPSP.

  3. Streamline the gift-giving and payment processing procedures.

  4. More intuitive and smoother NPSP onboarding experience for admins.

  5. Enable users more freedom when it comes to making ledger entries.

  6. To retrieve data directly from the donors.

 Through marketing and engagement solution innovations, NPOs will find and engage with lifelong supports.
  1. With Pardot leads and contacts through business units, data can be seen from each team across the entire company. Nonprofits will get a comprehensive picture of how their donors interact with ads around the board.

  2. Use Datorama reports for the Marketing Cloud to access a powerful new marketing intelligence and data analytics experience.

  3. Give the Email conversion app an active email functionality that provides an intuitive self-service installation process to help email campaigns harmonize data with Google analytics.

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Expand the impact of the program with Nonprofit Cloud innovations in program management. There will be no disruption in the program or operation despite a more difficult landscape at this moment. When in-person opportunities are scarce and community needs change, organizations have adapted to meet the needs of each program participant. Project managers can now use new features in our program management solution to:

  1. Discard the time-consuming manual entry line by line which often goes hand in hand with tracking attendance.

  2. The participants or clients at risk are identified by aggregating attendance information with attendance reports.

  3. With Nonprofit Cloud’s case management notes template and Salesforce’s mobile app, one can keep the data consistent and take client notes from anywhere.

  4. With Tableau dashboards for Nonprofit program management, unleash the power of service delivery data.

Salesforce’s Grant Management solution innovations, help organizations to simplify and accelerate grantmaking. Grantmakers are seeing an explosion of proposals and demand as the demands for nonprofit and community programs grows. They have responded by improving the way they invest, ultimately bringing more money to the communities that need it the most. The Executives will now take advantage of new features in our grants management solution which are:
grants management
  1. By streamlining due diligence processes and making historical data about grantees more available, the organization can save time.

  2. Using program management, nonprofits can publish several grant applications faster by giving users more flexibility.

  3. Driving data, analytics, and visualizations.

  4. Streamline self-service and put donors in control with an experienced cloud for nonprofits.

  5. Manage, store, enhance and act on Salesforce and non-Salesforce data with ease across the organization.

  6. With new premier success improvements, including improved chat support, onboarding and deployment coaching, and training updates organizations will get more value much faster.

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Changing the world is a huge challenge in itself and nonprofits seek to address some of the world’s most challenging economic, social and local issues and Salesforce is being used by an ever-increasing number of organizations.

In conclusion, the Nonprofit Cloud will assist in optimizing the growth of any organization. There are a plethora of options for making the platform function more effective.

If your organization is having trouble, connect with us today. Apphienz helps you in transforming your vision into reality. With us, you can witness changing the world for the better!


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