Marketing Automation - The Secret Ingredient Behind Sales Success (you read that right!)


Every time we hear this word, it reminds us of the “Transformers” movie.

It makes us think of “Autobots”. Of a world where everything is perfect and runs on autopilot. Snap to reality, countless teams and tired sales reps are still stuck with time-consuming, manual processes and siloed data. Automating sales and marketing processes is the key to unlock rapid and consistent growth. Automation assemble!

What Is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is a software platform that automates, accelerates, and measures the performance of marketing activities. Intelligent automation makes businesses truly resilient by quickly responding to customer demands and scaling marketing initiatives with ease.

67% of marketing leaders suggest and currently use marketing automation software to empower their marketing actions.

Salesforce “State of Marketing”

Marketing automation software accelerates processes such as:

  • Creation of multi-channel (email, social, mobile, web, etc) campaigns for each buyer persona.
  • Data management and analytical analysis.
  • Lead management.
  • Integrations, lead scoring, lead grading for each prospect.
  • Triggering personalized responses for each lead.

Understanding the revenue contribution of marketing activities.

Almost 91% of the accomplished users agree that the marketing automation software is a “pretty much important” tool to their marketing success.

An intelligent marketing automation solution benefits everyone

There are a lot of myths surrounding marketing automation. That it will replace marketers (it won’t), it is the playground of big box brands and the biggest myth of all – it helps the marketing team alone.

An efficient marketing team contributes to revenue growth and a healthy bottom-line benefits everyone. And most importantly the eternal adversaries, sales, and marketing perform as one unit.

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Significant Benefits for Sales Teams

Provides a Complete Detail of Leads

A platform like Salesforce Pardot, provides salespeople with insights on every lead clicked through websites, blogs, etc. Salespeople can track lead behavior, lead information such as contact details, firmographics, and the position of the lead in the buyer journey.

Lead Scoring for Better Conversion Rate A Win-Win Situation

Marketing automation helps to optimize lead score, aggregate lead behavior, and prioritize leads based on quality. Once the lead passes the threshold score, it can be immediately sent to sales to have the right conversation with the ideal lead, at the right time.

Reduce Response Time & Warm Cold Leads

Lead nurturing is essential to play the long game. With marketing automation, the sales team can send custom messages to cold leads that are scored below the threshold mark. Also, salespeople can set up automated email campaigns with the use of email templates. Ask any sales rep who had to deal with webinar leads, to understand how important this information is.


Top Must-have Features & Functionalities in An Enterprise Marketing Automation Platform

  • End-to-End Integration – The automation tool must be able to integrate with existing CRM (Customer Relationship Management), CDP (Customer Data Platform), CMS (Content Management System), Analytics suite, and more.
  • Lead Management – Ability to identify, filter, and segment leads based on automated lead scoring methods.
  • Email Marketing – Schedule messages and track email campaigns, trigger emails based on pre-set cadence, and record information to analyze prospect behavior.
  • A/B Testing – Offers advanced multivariate testing options. Marketers should be able to run multiple testing campaigns and track metrics.
  • Analytics & Reporting – Customized reporting of campaigns for each stakeholder to measure the performance & ROI of each campaign.

With the right marketing automation tool, you can personalize workflows and convert every potential lead into a paying customer. There are plenty of marketing automation platforms available in the market, choosing the ideal one can make all the difference.

A quick glance at the top players in the market

marketing automation

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Out of the huge features’ checklist, Pardot is the enterprise favorite because of its advanced features and benefits.

Yay, you’ve found a Marketing Automation Software That Addresses All Your Marketing Needs & Empowers Your Sales Team But…

Choosing the best technology is step one. Pardot is a powerhouse, and let’s face it, can be a tad difficult to set up and customize. Team DemandBlue will work closely with you to implement Pardot, stand up new processes, provision users, customize default dashboards, rebuild important assets, and help you get the most out of your Pardot investment from day one.


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