Send Salesforce Record Data { as Email functionality } via WebMerge

Send Salesforce Record Data {as Email functionality} via WebMerge

WebMerge is a great platform that allows our data to populate different types of documents and send it to various other platforms or contact automatically through its enormous integrations with many online platforms

Here’s a great feature available for Salesforce to use this WebMerge via its App. It’s a very easy app to configure and use. It gives us wonderful results while using its app in Salesforce.

We can populate the Salesforce record data into different documents and send to various contacts as well as on various platforms.

Now I am giving a very quick and simple guidance of using this app for sending Salesforce record data to different in emails in the form of a document.

Steps for sending the email with merge fields from Salesforce via WebMerge:

  • Click on WebMerge Documents tab.webmerge1
  • Create New Document.webmerge2
  • Choose your Document Type and Click on Create Document.webmerge3
  • Format a Document and click on Save and Next button.webmerge4
  • Under Settings section, Name your document, select Output type, Timezone and Status. And click on Save and Next button.webmerge5
  • Select the Deliver tab and edit the Email option.webmerge6
  • Fill the particulars and click on Save and Next button.
  • Now open WebMerge Mappings tab in Salesforce.webmerge7
  • Click on New WebMerge Mapping.webmerge8
  • Fill the particulars and click on Save and Next button.
  • Maps the merge field with the salesforce fields.webmerge9
  • If you check the “Automatically generate the document”, you can send document in three situations for salesforce object’s record when:-Created – this will evaluate the rule every single time a record is created. If the rule criteria are met, the document will be created.Created, and every time it’s edited – this will evaluate the rule every single time a record is created and every single time the record is edited. If the rule criteria are met, the document will be created.

    Created, and any time it’s edited to subsequently meet criteria – this option will evaluate the rule every time a record is created any every time the record is edited and did not previously meet the criteria.webmerge10

  • Or else you can do this in a manual way by unchecking it.webmerge11
  • Now click on Save button.
  • Now go to All Tabs in salesforce and select Account object.webmerge12
  • Click on New button on account’s page.webmerge13
  • Fill the Account record details and click on Save button.webmerge14
  • If you have checked the “automate generate the document” checkbox, by Clicking on save button, an Email is sent out automatically via WebMerge.
  • If you have not checked the “automate generate the document” checkbox, then open the account’s record page.
  • Click on WebMerge button.webmerge15
  • Your Document is successfully sent out and is shown in the Related List of Account in Salesforce.webmerge16

Make your Salesforce standard email functionality to a next level via WebMerge. Thanks!!!


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