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How Can the Real Estate Sector Use Salesforce to Standardize Its Sales Funnel?

The pandemic has changed how businesses conduct their daily operations. Before the pandemic, the real estate industry was going strong, but its activities slowed down after the pandemic. With the increased usage of digital technology in people’s day-to-day activities, challenges have begun to take place in the real estate sector.

These include:

  • Shortage of demand in the market
  • The usage of outdated marketing methods
  • Shortage of data records
  • Tough competition

With the change in the trends of the real estate market, real estate companies now require the use of up-to-date, flexible, and highly efficient digital tools to cater to today’s audience.

Salesforce CRM is one of the best Real Estate CRMs, it is one of those digital tools that can provide solutions to the problems mentioned above. It makes sure that you’re available for your customers at the time of need.

Salesforce CRM hosts a variety of features that can be utilized for any business operation and workflow. Let’s have a look at how these features can benefit the real estate industry.

The Use Case of Salesforce in The Real Estate Industry

One fundamental role of Salesforce is that it aids in managing customer relationships. How? By enabling you to observe the activity of clients, which can help in sending appropriate messages for earning leads.

This requires real estate bodies to share such information through multiple networks with their employees. However, Salesforce eliminates this by allowing a central access point for keeping records of customer interactions through different marketing channels and deals closed with prospects.

Salesforce CRM provides a single platform to realtors for conducting property-related tasks and enhancing customer engagement.

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Ways in which Salesforce can Streamline the Sales Funnel

1. Simple to Manage Leads

The Salesforce Sales Cloud is an excellent feature that helps in redirecting leads from several marketing platforms to your brand’s sales executives depending on their location, the section they represent, and convenience. It can automate the e-mail sending process to various leads based on their liking.

2. Regulates Stock Control and Monitoring

Salesforce CRM can be easily integrated with cloud-based technology for keeping up-to-date information on stock observations. This helps real estate agents to stay updated on the number of properties sold, leased, or ownerless.

The CRM provides automatic backup of records. Through this, real estate businesses can keep track of transactions, closed deals, location, market value, amenities, etc. of hundreds of properties.

Another feature of custom-made Salesforce CRM is that it enables the viewing of property descriptions spread on different locations around your brand’s outlets. To simplify the purchasing process, property documents can be shared with clients along with the request of their e-signatures.

3. Provides Easy Data Access

With real estate agents working out in the field interacting with customers, it’s essential that they can access documents and important data from anywhere. Salesforce application can be easily installed on various mobile and computer devices. So, your sales representatives can open the application irrespective of their location to view client and property details.

4. Compatible with Various Business Applications

If you’re looking for software to control different real estate tasks, then Salesforce is the right fit for you. It allows you to combine with several other software such as Accounting, Enterprise Resource planning systems, digital marketing, etc. so you can access them through a single system.

5. Analyze Business Operations

The software helps in providing an in-depth analysis of every transaction made by your customer, enabling you to see the trends of customer demand in the market. Not only marketing and sales, but Salesforce also helps you improve collaboration and efficiency in all business departments.

Furthermore, due to its ability to integrate with various applications, you can assess how employees are performing in their tasks, whether it’s related to creating campaigns or providing customer support. Through the identification of weak spots, you can take precautionary measures to rectify them.

6. Review Multiple Business Processes through Dashboards

To make sure that you don’t miss out reviewing on any of your company’s details regarding invoices reports, use of third-party services, properties, and customer data, Salesforce CRM facilitates the use of a dashboard.

It even allows you to categorize your reports based on factors such as location, property type, weekly sales, etc. so that you can maximize your lead generation and improve sales operations.

How Can a Real Estate Company Benefit from Salesforce?

1. Improve Customer Experience

With Salesforce’s Service Cloud feature, your employees can stay up to date on customer feedback and concerns through any Internet accessing device. Hence, they can quickly respond to clients and provide support if needed. This enhances customer experience and helps to strengthen bonds between the customer and your company.

2. Boosts Employees’ Productivity

Real estate agents require access to various applications to find information about their respective customers. This can become a time-consuming process, but thanks to Salesforce Headless software, it provides a central point of access.

Through the creation of a single customizable dashboard, your employee can find details specific to every client such as location preferences, properties owned, etc. This will help your employees in making the right personalized leads and e-mail campaigns.

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3. Makes Tasks Easier

Realtors’ daily tasks include collecting and presenting property information for their respective clients, as well as gathering new leads that visit their portals. Such a repetitive process can become tiring, but with the help of Salesforce features, you can automate document filling and data collection processes through a proper data management system.

Personalized analytical reports for clients can be prepared at a faster rate by using Salesforce CRM tools to input the correct data based on the location and type of property. Hence, employees can concentrate on more demanding tasks and come up with better retention strategies.

Wrapping Up

To meet the current demands of customers, it’s essential that real estate businesses begin adapting to the new technology. This includes the use of both tech hardware and software that can help to increase the efficiency of your business processes.

Salesforce CRM software is a platform that can help from attracting new leads to nurturing them into prospective clients. Its wide range of tools can simplify operations from property and client data collection to creating analytical reports. Through its proper usage, your real estate business can enhance its sales funnel.


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