Salesforce Service Cloud

What is Salesforce Service Cloud

Salesforce is the most popular CRM-based service provider with numerous amazing products.

It has the largest market share among CRMs and offers users great quality solutions for several eCommerce processes.

The Salesforce Service Cloud has been introduced to make customer service procedures robust and streamlined. 

Utilizing this Salesforce product ensures that your customer base is retained. 

Customer satisfaction and loyalty are earned through amazing features embedded in the Salesforce Service Cloud.

Service Cloud Business Goals

The Service Cloud proves to be extremely beneficial for your business as it is well-equipped with features that result in an enriched customer experience

The business goals successfully achieved via this cloud are:

  • Providing personalized service to esteemed customers by addressing their unique needs and requirements.
  • The service is available 24/7.
  • This cloud platform is supported on multiple channels like mobile, phone, chat, etc.
  • Multiple service needs are successfully managed through a single console making services quicker.

Key Features

The impressive set of features included in the Salesforce Service Cloud work together to achieve intended business goals

The vital features include:

Workspace for Agents

The user interface for customer service-providing agents is extremely detailed and can be personalized according to your preferences. 

Numerous tools are integrated into this workspace which is responsible for boosting productivity

The stats and analytics cited in this module help you keep track of your enterprise details. The customer views listed here give you a clear idea of how your business is progressing.

Service Analytics

The dashboard of Service Cloud offers customers easily accessible reports and useful data which comprise CRM data, backlogs, chatbot history, and performance cases history and status, the productivity level of agents, and their activity log.

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Salesforce Service Cloud


The omnichannel routing is designed to direct cases and leads automatically to desired employers following their skills and available hours. Check out this video to get more information about Omni-Channel.


CTI stands for computer telephony integration and it helps service agents in managing records of calls to and from customers.

computer telephony integration

Case Management

The case management modules assist customer service representatives in managing and resolving cases at multiple platforms.

Service Process Automation

The Salesforce Service Cloud supports functionalities that can be automated with the help of artificial intelligence techniques.

Lightning Service Console

The service console offers agents a lightning-speed platform for viewing all relevant enterprise data and enhance products by making future decisions based on this data.

Knowledge Base

The knowledge base keeps track of all customer communications and resolutions and helps in resolving issues quicker.

Social Customer Service

The services are available to customers approaching the organization via social media channels making it easily accessible to a large number of people.

social media channels

Mobile Platform

The service cloud data can be easily accessed through a mobile phone and help you connect with your customer anytime, anywhere.

Live Agent

A real-time chatbot offers users online help 24/7.

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Benefits of Service Cloud

The numerous benefits of Salesforce Service Cloud include the following:

  • Offers service provider agents with customized reports
  • Available in multiple languages
  • Multiple channels such as Facebook messenger and text messaging can be easily integrated into the service cloud
  • Can be integrated with several legacy systems
  • The role-based permission system is available so that different management levels can view and access features useful for them
  • Teams can collaborate for better services
  • Integration of community cloud

Pricing & Editions

The Salesforce Service Cloud is available in four editions for different price ranges that include:

  • Essentials edition costs up to $25 per month
  • The Professional version costs $75 per month
  • The Enterprise editions cost $150 per month
  • The cost of an unlimited edition is $300


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