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7 Outstanding Ways to Use Salesforce for Customer Retention

In this modern era, customers have become more demanding than ever. Especially after the global pandemic, customers were frustrated because of severe financial constraints, which has made them more likely to switch brands in search of economic deals.

Besides the search for affordability, the huge increase in competition has also made it difficult to retain customers for a long time. Given these challenges, what strategies should brands follow to retain their customers?

Managing customer relationships is one excellent strategy!

Rather than focusing on acquiring new customers, you should concentrate on customer relationships to improve loyalty and retention. Salesforce CRM is one way to do so.

Let us learn how you can use this software to retain your existing consumers:

1. Storing Data Centrally Through Integration

To strive in this competitive landscape, knowing customers is imperative. In other words, the more you know about customers, the better your relations can be maintained. Additionally, knowing the customers help in designing future strategies and shaping your brand.

Now, what is the ideal way to know customers? The answer lies in data. When every department gets transparent customer data, providing commendable service becomes easier. Therefore, centrally integrating the data and system is important.

Salesforce can give us the best integration platform using cloud-based technology. When I introduced a product called Prayer Times reminder, I used the same route to provide ample support to all departments. When data availability for transparency and a 360-degree view was possible, improvements started in no time.

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2. Bringing Personalization Through Customer Data

Today, personalization is considered an essential marketing strategy. From the small scale and emerging brands to top-notch businesses, everyone is using personalization. However, getting customer data for sending personalized messages is the key.

Salesforce resolves the issue and provides ample data along with customer location, history, downloads, searches, etc. Therefore, brands can send them personalized messages as per their search history.

For instance, Amazon sends personalized emails to reminding about the products formerly searched by the clients. A message with a client’s name gives a lasting impact in comparison to generic marketing messages.

  • Combining Salesforce with Marketing Tools

Brands also combine various tools like MailChimp with Salesforce for better personalization. They extract all data through Salesforce and manage it with marketing software. The software helps in combining emails, creating special lists for events, managing campaigns, and so on.

3. Showing Responsiveness on Social Media

When you have multiple social media accounts, answering customer queries looks difficult. However, customers want a prompt response. Besides this, the response from the same channel is important.

For example, if a customer has raised concerns on Twitter, you should clear the doubts on the same platform. Checking multiple platforms, answering questions, and interacting on time is tricky. Salesforce provides us an opportunity to manage all social media accounts from one platform.

From a single page, you can respond to all customer queries, saving time and effort invested in improving customer service. Customers, on the other hand, are impressed with your promptness, which keeps them loyal to the brand.

4. Re-engaging Clients

Every brand has some inactive customers on the list. Instead of working from scratch to attract new customers, brands prefer retargeting strategy for existing clients. This is comparatively less time-consuming and requires fewer efforts. Salesforce also plays a great role in segmenting inactive users.

By extracting useful data, brands can successfully send emails and messages to inactive subscribers. Additionally, we can use some ready-made templates for customer retention. Thus, data from Salesforce along with templates and effective customer retention campaigns can bring positive outcomes.

5. Staying Updated via Interaction Track

Sending plenty of emails will be of no use when you have no idea of consumer response. How does your email look to the client? Did he download the e-book or visit the website? What other action did he take? Getting all this information is essential.

Salesforce is embedded with a feature that helps in knowing all actions taken by the consumer after reading your email. In this way, you will be able to target those customers who are inactive for a long. Many brands send special offers and discounts to such customers. This is an ideal approach for customer retention.

6. Improving Customer Service

To stand apart from competitors, you must strive to provide impeccable customer service. This is the only way to increase loyal customers. Therefore, besides offering some deals, brands should be ready to answer complaints and queries.

Customers want to get prompt answers and great value from the brand. For this, there is a separate platform on Salesforce. By using this platform, we can get all customer-related information and provide matchless service.

For instance, the sales team can look into this platform for customers with repeated complaints. Besides this, it makes it easier for the sales team to deal with several clients at one time. Information like email, social media connection, and contact details are available on this platform.

If a customer is not satisfied, brands can directly contact for showing their devotion towards customer service. Thus, customer retention is increased.

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7. Business Intelligence through IPAAS

We can also integrate one platform with the other by using IPAAS on Salesforce. It allows us to make various applications and features compatible with Salesforce. Consequently, we receive advanced reports for increasing efficiency and effectiveness. Moreover, the software is also available as a Mobile App. Thus, making it compatible with various mobile devices.

Wrapping It Up

In short, customer retention is mandatory to strive in this competitive arena. Salesforce provides us a comprehensive solution for retaining customers in no time. There are many efficient ways in which Salesforce can contribute towards customer retention.

Some of them include centralized data storage, personalization, social media interaction, and re-engaging clients. Besides this, the interaction platform, customer service feature, and IPAAS also play a big part in customer retention.

If you are worried about losing clients during the pandemic, start strategizing using the above tips.


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