Explore How DemandBlue’s Revenue Cloud Offering Could Enhance Your Business Model

Does your business lack absolute transparency across your sales cycle, finance operations, and revenue channels? Maybe it’s time to improve your game.

If you are like most companies, the answer to the above question is yes, and like most companies, it contributes to a stalled sales cycle and poor revenue growth. In our previous blog, we discussed how Salesforce Revenue Cloud could tackle the pain points of the sales and finance teams’ revenue operations in today’s business landscape. In this blog, we will examine how DemandBlue can be your guide in your Salesforce Revenue Cloud journey. We will also explore how DemandBlue’s Revenue Cloud offering will help to revamp your business model and improve the operational transparency of your sales and finance teams.

DemandBlue’s Revenue Cloud Offering

DemandBlue’s Salesforce Revenue Cloud offering will help your sales, finance, and operation teams to work closely together to accelerate the Quote-to-cash process. Our package consists of diverse sales enhancement and billing solutions to address your immediate business requirements, for example, Salesforce CPQ, Billing, CPQ Accelerators, B2B Commerce, and High-Tech.

CPQ – No matter how complicated your pricing structure may be, DemandBlue’s expert team helps you generate ideal pricing, custom price books, and quotes using Salesforce CPQ.

Billing – The billing tool automates invoicing, eliminates billing discrepancies, and manages complex billing processes.

subscription management, B2B Commerce – Personalize your digital storefront and unleash B2B commerce capabilities, including reordering, subscription management, and more with Revenue Cloud B2B Commerce.

CPQ Accelerator – Leverage our CPQ Accelerator packages and get started quickly with your CPQ implementation; implement Salesforce CPQ in weeks, not months.

DemandBlue’s Exclusive CPQ Offering for the High-tech Industry

With Revenue cloud, high-tech companies can enhance their overall quoting processes and complex product configuration across all industries. DemandBlue’s Revenue Cloud offering supports high-tech industries that include telecommunications, data storage and networking, consumer electronics, and semiconductors.

Our Revenue Cloud offering addresses many conditions in high-tech industries:

  • Leverages time to market value
  • Revamps the accuracy and speed to generate quotes
  • Solves complex configuration in pricing components and subcomponents
  • Improve overall profit margins without any additional support from customers’ data

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How DemandBlue’s Revenue Cloud Offering can Improve your Sales and Finance Operations


  • Visual configuration helps customers to discover their desired products and lowers the risk of failing to meet customer expectations.
  • Guided selling enables your sales team to configure products or services automatically. Less intervention means more time for other important tasks.
  • Helps sales reps to oversee customers’ purchasing behaviour and optimize the buying experience.

Sales Operations

  • The pricing engine helps to create complex quotes with the use of predefined pricing and discount guidance.
  • Custom playbooks and pre-configuration help the sales operation team improve user adoption and reduce sales operations’ involvement in steering a sale to its conclusion.
  • Empower recurring and one-time subscription models for each product pricing.

Finance Operations

  • Revenue Cloud offers a quote management system to ensure every quote generated is automatically updated based on customers’ order configuration.
  • Examine the overall quote-to-cash scenario and understand where your customers are dropping off with reports and analytical insights.
  • Reduce the risk of quoting errors and enable the finance team to understand revenue recognition clearly.

Why partner with DemandBlue for Salesforce Revenue Cloud implementation?

DemandBlue’s agile, customized implementation solutions allow companies in any business sector to improve their operational efficiency across all lead-to-revenue lifecycles. We offer a flexible and scalable On-demand service model (ODS) to extract genuine business value from Salesforce Revenue Cloud. Our teams’ implementation is quick and hassle-free as we adhere to the following unique methodology.

DemandBlue’s A’5 Revenue Cloud Implementation Strategy

A1: Audit system diagnostics

Assess and audit the pain points of your business consistently. Draft a roadmap to address each goal in your implementation strategy.

A2: Advisory strategy

Develop strategies for functional design and solution architecture for each stage of development: pricing, product options, document generation, and approval.

A3: Align with the implementation

We build a complete customizable prototype with the validated requirements from stakeholders. The implementation is carried out with consistent feedback from the client to ensure the product aligns with the objective.

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A4: Attain changes management

Minimize disruption of operation. Reduce or eliminate changes in process management. We integrate all necessary data from ERP and PIM systems for a comprehensive fulfilment of the Salesforce Revenue cloud.

A5: Assay the product environment

We run a functional and nonfunctional test in a sandbox to make sure every operation and function works as planned.

Automate Sales and Finance Operations with DemandBlue’s On-demand Revenue Cloud implementation

DemandBlue provides a 360-degree view of your sales cycle with custom Salesforce Revenue tools that automate every operation in sales and financial processes. Our team helps design, customize, and build your favourite Salesforce Revenue Cloud tool to make quoting and tracking of sales transactions effortless.

The On-demand Revenue Cloud implementation service from DemandBlue will positively affect your sales, finance, and quoting operations. With our Revenue Cloud Accelerator package, we can implement Salesforce CPQ or another favourite Revenue Cloud tool in hours, not in months.


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