Salesforce Chatter

Understanding Salesforce Chatter and Its Implementation

Chatter is a place for collaboration in Salesforce where you can post chatter feeds, share files, create new events, and create interactive user polls

In Salesforce, you can see a Chatter tab. It's represented the same as other objects Tab like the homepage. Sometimes you see a Feed tab option instead of chatter on record level; that too is a chatter. Chatter can be found almost everywhere in your Salesforce.

Chatter for Lightning Experience

Just like with Salesforce Classic, Chatter in Lightning Experience also allows users to securely connect with people and groups and share business information. The ways in which chatter can be accessed in Lightning are explained below:

From the App Launcher: Instead of the sidebar (in Salesforce Classic), Chatter, People, and Groups can be accessed from the App Launcher in Lightning Experience

From Record Pages: Chatter can be added to lightning page layouts to allow users to collaborate from the record page itself.

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Salesforce Chatter Overview

After navigating to the Chatter tab, the user can find the following options on the left section of the page: 

  • What I Follow It combines all the feeds and integration that you follow or use to interact with all the people, and you can only follow up to 500 records or people.
  • To Me, It contains all the posts where you’re mentioned.
  • Bookmarked It contains all the posts that you’ve bookmarked.
  • Company Highlights The default feed that appears when you first visit the Chatter tab is Company Highlights after you've done ten things.
  • My Drafts It holds your saved draft posts until you’re ready to publish them.

Customize Your Profile Chatter: Click your name/image icon to view your profile. View people's profiles by clicking their names.

From this page, see the above reference, you can:

  • You can change your profile picture.
  • Make changes to About me information.
  • Edit your banner image
  • Edit your statement or out-of-office information.
  • Add links for your social media accounts.

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Chatter Groups

If we're working on a team, we can create a group for our team to share and provide files and information through the group chatter feed. We can subscribe to up to 300 groups, and our organization can have up to 30,000 groups. Types of chatter groups that can be public, private, unlisted, and archived.

  • Public: Anybody can see and include posts, comments, and records. Anybody can connect an open group.
  • Private: Group individuals can see and include posts, comments, and records.
  • Unlisted: Group individuals and users with the “Manage Unlisted Groups” authorization can see and include posts, comments, and records.
  • Groups with Customers: Private groups and unlisted groups can permit clients. You'll distinguish groups with clients in Salesforce Classic by the orange upper cleared out corner of the group photo.
  • Archived: Groups can be archived. Users can now not make posts when a group is archived, but past posts are held for reference.

Create a chatter group by Clicking on the chatter Tab and then clicking on the Recent Groups option on the chatter tab to access the chatter group page.




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