Major Problems That NGOs Face and How Salesforce's NPSP Solves Them

Non-Governmental organizations play a vital role in the growth of any society, community, or country. In many cases, they can also bridge the gap between governmental bodies and citizens. They have a huge impact on the lives of youth in a community or a country by encouraging core values of empathy and understanding.

Each NGO has their goal and impact they want to make in the society but there are a lot of hurdles they have to overcome. With the rapid development in technology, there are a lot of companies that are helping NGOs to achieve more with the help of technology.

One such company is Salesforce. Over the years, they have understood the pain points of NGOs and made a dedicated product for them named Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud. To know more about this product, read our blog: Your Ultimate Guide to Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP)

In this article, we are going to talk about the problems NGOs face and the ways Salesforce’s NPSP is the perfect solution.

Lack of Funds:

No matter how big the NGO is, most of them face this issue either directly or indirectly. To execute any campaign, giveaways, or plan an initiative require funds. The main problem here is finding the source of funding. Constantly seeking out people and organizations other than government bodies for donations becomes tedious and time-consuming.


Salesforce Cloud gets the donation management part streamlined.

You can increase your online donations by creating online forms named giving pages in Salesforce. It helps you with one time as well as recurring donations from your supporters. It is integrated with Google Analytics so it becomes easy for your team members to keep track of your donors.

Going one step further, you can also use the power of data and understand the flow in which your donations were made. You can also start an email campaign and add links to giving pages so it becomes easy for your users to make donations. Don’t worry about data duplication because with the help of Salesforce’s Platform Data Integrity you can eliminate duplicate contacts and avoid issues of spamming your donor’s email ids.

Additionally, you can use all this data in your organization, collaborate with your employees to brainstorm together in different ways to aware more people and thus increase funds.

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Chaos in Managing Programs:

With an everyday increase in the number of people, events, and initiatives it becomes difficult to manage while scaling your operations. Because as you grow, along with you, your donor base, their records, and the amount of data grow as well. Hence, it becomes difficult to manage all this information in a secure way.


With the help of Salesforce NPSP’s program management module you can easily manage complex and big programs effortlessly. Your customer support staff can provide your customers with support anytime and anywhere via chat, voice mails, calls, messages, or social media platforms. This allows you to scale your operations while keeping one-on-one relationships with your donors as well as your volunteers.

Lack of Volunteers:

Volunteers are an important part of any NGO. They are the ones who work day and night to make any event successful. But it is not always easy to get volunteers on-board as well as manage each and every volunteer’s schedule.


Volunteers for Salesforce app helps you to manage volunteers, you can thank them for their devoted time, help them find any volunteer opportunities matching their skill set, and keep them engaged by posting volunteer opportunities. This way an NGO can easily on-board their volunteers and keep them volunteers engaged.

Difficulty in Managing Donors:

With a growing NGO, there is also an increase in your donor base and managing all of them, along with hosting events and fundraisers is tough.


Salesforce case management helps you to attend your donors better. On the case manager home page you can have detailed information about calls, incidents logged, and necessary tasks. This will help you plan your entire day ahead.

With just a few clicks you can know where your donor/volunteer is stuck and with the help of knowledge base, documentation, and programs, you can help them move forward. You can create case notes and save them as a draft with some specific topic so you can finish it in near future. In this module, it also becomes easy to search for your donor/volunteer, assess their donations/volunteer work, and understand its impact.

Running an NGO has its own challenges but now with the help of technology, we can come together to solve major issues. Technology when used for good can change the world. With the help of Salesforce NPSP together we are changing the world.

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