Salesforce Lightning vs Classic: How Lightning Has Proved its Worth Against Classic


Talk of Salesforce world and the answer will echo in the form of Lightning. People are going crazy behind it and even most of the organizations are opting for Salesforce Lightning. But the question is…why?

With continue and robust involvement of Salesforce in various business institutions, the only constant thing in the digital platform which is speaking about itself is change. One of the major breakthroughs of Salesforce is the re-imagination of a user interface for its core platform which has successfully penetrated deep in the businesses across the world.


What’s more, Salesforce Lightning Experience has created a buzz in the CRM world and people have gone mad to adopt this latest and well-equipped technology. But wait!

That being said, it still lacks some functionality which has led some of the businessmen to think once more switching to the new system from originally performing Salesforce Classic.

So, let's take a critical look at Salesforce Lightning VS Classic and explore more key aspects by having a good comparison between the two platforms provided by

Salesforce Lightning VS Classic: Dig more into Details

No one can argue that Salesforce Lightning is going to be the next big thing in years to come. Moreover, customers relying on Classic need not get it scrapped anytime soon but have to switch gear once Salesforce makes LE compulsory shortly.

After saying this, one needs to understand the major difference between them and find out of the given two editions, why Salesforce Lightning has a big edge and is the only way forward. First of all, let us understand the difference between Classic and Lightning.

Still, puzzled? Then we provide you more clarification on the given topic by depicting a few points which will clearly explain why Classic differs from Lightning.

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A. Enhanced User-Experience for End-Users

One of the facts which separate Lightning from Classic is the presence of an appealing user interface (UI). The former offers much better UI experience to its customers and includes in it some of the notable features such as drag-and-drop functionality which can be achieved without the involvement of any code. What's more, Lightning also permits an admin to create or modify the Salesforce page without taking the help of the Salesforce developer.

In Classic, there is always a need for Visualforce for every task where codes that are created are required to be tested at every phase and then deployed. If any bug is missed, then code is again sent back to the developer to fix and the whole procedure starts over again. But with Lightning at the helm, such tedious processes are avoided very easily.

Furthermore, the home page has become more informative through the availability of performance chart and news on key deals and accounts which are unavailable on the Classic home page. Thus, Lightning pages are easier to navigate and more convenient than Classic for daily work.

B. Higher Security is the Beta Noire for Classic Users

Salesforce Lightning comes with enhanced security features. One such aspect is LockerService which separates Lightning components from each other and thus acts as a defense mechanism against the attack from malicious data. Such types of features are absent in Classic mode.

Furthermore, users of the Salesforce consulting companies also have to adhere to their distinct permission. It does not allow its users to raise their assurance level and after getting the logout, they have to sign in again with authentication to get access to a higher assurance level.

C. Presence of Artificial Intelligence via Einstein (Wave) Analytics

Salesforce Lightning has an exclusive AI feature called Einstein (Wave) Analytics which helps its users to easily go through their predictive analysis successfully. It performs two important activities for Salesforce users-conducting sales analytics and predicting customer behavior. It offers a valid prediction about your potential customers not only in the present but also in the future.

Also, it comes with its own database which is directly fetched from Salesforce and is updated automatically every hour. Furthermore, its dashboard displays mostly refreshed and recent data with some exciting features such as dashboard export, widget editing, and advanced formula calculation. Such an aspect is not found in the Classic platform.

D. Lightning Converts Customer Personalization of Classic to more Enhanced one

Although customer personalization is also found in Classic mode, yet Lighting Experience mode has taken it into its fold and has made it more automated and enhanced. With its highly advanced tools, LE ensures that customers receive exactly what they want.

Besides, it comes with a graphically and more wholesome sales pipeline which cleans off unresponsive leads with no manual reports. Likewise, the whole procedure of lead management is fully automated so to allow you to approach every single lead with a special promotional note.

Also, it takes into account the needs of your present as well as potential customers and offers them tailor-made services in the most effective way. Thus as a Salesforce consultant, you can enrich your loyal customers' base by specially treating them.

E. Effective Generation & Follow-up of Leads without Hassle

If you want that all your information about your leads to be secure and organized at a single platform; then opt for Salesforce LE as it will eventually speed up the lead conversion process. Although lead creation and generation are also possible in Classic, yet LE possesses more components to provide better sales procedures.

One notable component is the Activity timeline feature which lets you know about your specific lead and displays each task with great efficacy. Furthermore, the Path component helps you to track various stages of the business procedures and given timely updates about the leads in which you are involved without any issue.

F. Salesforce Lightning & Classic Costs the Same

Does Salesforce Lightning cost more? The answer is straight no. Both Classic and Lightning interfaces cost the same. When users take a switch from Classic to Lightning, they do not have to pay for a new license. Meanwhile, has made it compulsory for offering LE by default to the new customers.

However, there will be some additional cost of migration from Classic to Salesforce by numerous Salesforce-based organizations as they might need additional training and new features. But it will be fruitful in reducing the cost of debugging in the longer run.

What is not supported in Salesforce Lightning?

Although LE comes with exciting features, it is not prone to errors. The existing Classic mode, how it may be flawed, still possess some leads over Lightning. Let’s explore them.

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Some Features will Remain Classic Forever

How many features implemented by Lightning, will remain a shortage of some features which are the forte of Classic. Yes, that's true! Some Classic features will never be incorporated in the Lightning Experience. See below these features which LE still and will always lack:

A. AppExchange Apps with Custom Objects & Visualforce Pages

There are many apps from the AppExchange which will not be supported on the LE platform. Even if they shall be supported, there will some issue prop up to decrease the efficiency of that app. So, if an app is not supported, it is better to use it in Salesforce Classic.

B. Custom JavaScript Buttons

Custom buttons use JavaScript content source which finds support in Classic and not in the LE platform. Even replacing these buttons by Process Builder, Visual Workforce or code-driven approaches will be of no good as what works in one system might fail in another system.

C. Time-Consuming Process while Adjusting from Classic to Lightning Platform

If you think that changing gear from Salesforce Classic to Lightning is easy; then think again! It takes lots of time in adjusting to the Salesforce Lightning platform and refreshing changes are also slow in the given platform which is a tedious task for the new users.

Pulling it All Together

For all these comparisons, one thing you must have become known about it is that although both Classic and Lightning have proved their worth, yet with the changing circumstances; it has become evident that the benefits of Lightning Salesforce outweigh that of Salesforce Classic.

Not sure if you are ready for Lightning? Then be prepared because offers not only an updated version of LE but also provide users with Lightning Experience Migration Assistant, which offers users with instructions for smooth migration from Classic to Lightning that too at an affordable price.

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