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How to Become a Freelance Salesforce Consultant

Ask any freelancer out there what they love about freelancing. The first thing they tell you is the room to work flexibly, remotely, and how it opens them up to more opportunities. The desire to freelance also comes from wanting to freely select specific jobs you want to work on and higher pay.

Yes, not everyone might be cut out to be a freelancer. But if you’re reading this, then chances are that you’ve got some interest in Salesforce freelance work. The Salesforce industry is one unrivaled with innovation, countless opportunities, and a rapidly growing community. Therefore, the desire to merely want to become a freelance Salesforce consultant isn’t enough. Your skill and strategy need to be on par to clinch those jobs that you want.

In this post, I’ll share some useful tips on how you can become a freelance Salesforce consultant:

Be Clear on your Availability

Before you begin your search for freelance consulting jobs, you need to establish your availability. How much time will you dedicate to freelancing? Will it be something you do alongside your regular day job or solely freelance? Do you plan on taking up multiple projects or one project at a time?

When you can decide the amount of time you want to dedicate to freelance Salesforce, it enables you to shift through several job roles quickly. As the Salesforce CRM identifies work opportunities, you can smoothly go for what falls within your schedule and capabilities. Try not to over-commit and then get burnt out.

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Know your Value

When freelancing, especially as a newbie, it can be hard knowing the value to place on yourself. Your value here is the fees you will charge for your work. What amount do you plan on charging: daily or flat rate per project? To have an idea of your value, you can research to get a sense of the prevailing Salesforce consulting rates. The search can be based on your experience, preferred industry, or location. You can ask those already in the industry or start with a simple Google search.

Your charging rates should commiserate with your expertise, skills, certifications, and qualification. It would help if you were unique and have an extra oomph to charge a high price. Building a reputable image as a freelance Salesforce consultant is more vital than gains. So while you should in no way sell yourself short, your fees need to march your offer and deliverables. It then becomes easier to justify higher prices as you grow up the ladder.

All Contracts go into Writing

The details of every Salesforce freelance work you do must be in writing. The work description, due date, price, and terms of termination agreed on should be documented and signed. Considering most freelance jobs are online, documents can be signed electronically. No one wishes to have a bad experience. But it’s best to have everything documented, lest you run into difficulty before the work ends.

Making use of Salesforce CRM also enables you to document processes. It helps make available information about every customer interaction you’ve had. Additionally, custom writing review sites like Best Writers Online can provide you with document drafting services. There are a ton of tools and templates that let you create a formal legal document online. Still, it’s vital to consult with an expert in the legal field to get more clarity on the appropriate legal protections.

Get the Right Tools

Working freelance consultant jobs require you to have a handful of tools. These tools can help make the job easier for you. Some of these tools include;

  • Client Tracking: The Salesforce CRM tool lets you store prospective and existing customer contact and information. It helps you to track clients and prospect details for easy recalls. You can also access this information from any location.
  • Communication Tools: are another essential set of tools to have; you need to keep in touch with clients. Depending on the client’s needs, screen sharing, chat, and video or audio call tools might be necessary. Research your option and have your tools ready for when you might need them.
  • Time Tracking Tool: It is excellent to help you keep track of your project timelines and other important deadlines. Most have calendar integration and let you schedule work in advance to estimate the duration and ensure it gets done. For example, writing service reviews sites like Online Writers Rating that handles a bulk of papers to writing. It’s easy to miss a deadline. But with the right CRM time tracking tool, it can help send reminders for deadlines, so you don’t miss it.
  • Invoicing Tools: They enable you to track the amount of time you’ve spent on a job to add to your invoice. There is also room to customize your invoice and send it to your clients. Some likewise give you the option to receive payment online via multiple payment platforms.

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Sell yourself

When going freelance as a Salesforce consultant, it’s vital to build your brand. It’s the potential client’s first point of contact with you. So it’s the first they’ll use to judge you. Build your profile on social media sites where your target audience can find you. You can also make use of freelance job platforms or a specialized Salesforce agency. They can help you find your next projects and connect you with the right opportunities at the right time.

Your profile content should make it easy for prospects to locate you. Share news and information relevant to your audience. Join a Salesforce freelance community group where you can gain and share knowledge. Sign up and attend online webinars, events, etc. Sell your skills, expertise, and also an online representation of yourself. It is reflective of your professionalism and helps build client trust.


There you have it. Now that you got the information you need, it’s time to find those freelance consultant jobs!

Using these tips on how to become a freelance Salesforce consultant, nothing is stopping you. With the right skills, professionalism, and determination, you can work your way towards being a freelance salesforce consulting professional.


  1. There's certainly a bit more to consider as well. Nowadays there are programs out there like,, and others that have good training content to help you prepare to become a consultant that go in greater detail of what's needed. As well as freelancing platforms such as that help cut down on some of the administrative work that a freelancer deals with as well as help connect them with companies seeking their expertise.

    I'd also recommend that if you're looking to become a freelancer, seriously considering having at least 1-3 years of technical experience before making the move. (closer to 1-2 if that time was done at a consulting company across multiple projects, 3-4 if you've been mostly an admin for a single organization). Lots of good ways to get started.

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