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As the B2B marketing market continues to grow, companies are looking for innovative ways to capture, convert, and close leads faster.

While marketing automation is not a new concept, the impact it can have on a business is significant. However, the true value of a marketing automation tool can only be understood when paired with a Salesforce CRM.


About Pardot

Pardot by Salesforce is a demand generation and marketing management tool by Salesforce. It allows you to find and connect with high-quality prospects at every stage of the buying process. Businesses can nurture leads with content marketing and nurture automation. B2B Marketing is one of the hottest fields in marketing right now. Pardot in Salesforce comes with varied features that is used to manage, target, and streamline your prospects.

Who Uses Pardot?

Pardot can be used to manage multiple campaigns at once. It is cloud-based, so there is no software needed to install. Pardot is used by over 2,000 organizations ranging from startups to Fortune 100 companies. It can generate leads for inbound marketing campaigns, and create outbound marketing programs for sales as well.

Pardot has a sense of ubiquity that makes it one of the most used marketing and management tools across a wide range of industries. Medical device manufacturers, Real estate companies, large pharmaceutical corporations are some of the few industries that have truly realized the potential of the ubiquity of Salesforce.

Benefits of Using Pardot for Marketing

There are numerous reasons why you might find Pardot to be the most appealing tool of all for your marketing efforts. Of the top, the following are some of the best reasons that can help you pick Pardot for your marketing.

  1. Makes prospecting easy and simple
  2. Helps bring all of your customer data into a single pipeline
  3. Enables easier Lead nurturing
  4. Calculate ROI through marketing efforts easily
  5. Bring your entire marketing and sales under a single roof
  6. Integrate into almost any kind of workflow
  7. Tight integration with Salesforce CRM

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What is Pardot’s Feature Set?

The following are some of the top features that are included in Salesforce’s Pardot. While these are the top and most important features, Pardot includes a lot more features that cannot be covered into a broad structure.

  • Lead Generation and Management

Pardot allows you to not only manage your existing leads but also use the tool to set up your own lead generation and thus grow your business to the next level.

  • Email marketing and builder

Find, target, and build highly converting campaigns with Pardot’s intuitive email marketing builder and platform.

  • Customizable dashboards

Pardot allows you to build your own customizable dashboards that will ONLY report to you the data that matters to you. Actionable data that helps you make a highly informed decision.

  • Third-party data connection

Seamlessly integrate almost any third-party application into your Salesforce Pardot’s data flow and thus find no reasons to switch between a thousand applications for everyday tasks.

  • Landing page builder

Pardot also has a dedicated landing page builder that will help you build your own landing page and run paid and search campaigns on it for better and improved ROAS.

  • Organic and paid search integration

Run highly converting paid campaigns through Pardot. Plan and execute high net worth SEO campaigns through Pardot’s organic and paid search integration capabilities.

  • Personalized messaging

Personalize every single message that is being sent out to your prospect and re-engage them with your core value proposition and thus improve your sales but most importantly, your brand value.

  • Optimize Sales

Work closely with your sales team, keep track of them and optimize your efforts and effectively streamline your core processes.

  • Customer Relationship Management

Bring all of your leads and sales activity into a single central database and thus never lose the scope on your goals and prospecting with your team in a collaborative fashion.

  • ROI reporting

Find out what’s coming in and what’s going out. What is the exact money you are making for every dollar being spent on marketing? Pardot’s intelligent business and marketing analytics will keep you updated and informed, at all times.

  • Lifecycle reporting

Never be done with a customer post a single sale. Bring them back by engaging with them again and again with the data accumulated over time and thus improve the overall customer lifetime value.

  • Marketing intelligence and analytics

Gather workable insights and take action based on highly informative data through intelligent analytics that can help you predict and map out the future of your business’s marketing practices.

Pricing of Pardot

Pardot is available in various pricing modules and packages.

  1. The least package is called Pardot Growth Plan and is charged at $1,250/month and can give up to 10,000 contacts which are billed annually
  2. The next package is called the Pardot Plus plan and is charged at $2,500/month and can work up to 10,000 contacts and is billed annually
  3. The Pardot Advanced package is the most popular one and is billed at $4,000/month and can work up to 10,000 contacts and is billed annually. It also supports AI-driven analytics.
  4. The last package that is available in the Pardot Premium package that is available and billed at $15,000/month and can hold up to 75,000 contacts( billed annually)

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While there are many more options available in the cloud for marketing automation and management, Salesforce beats them all with the sheer power of its technology, innovation, its ever-reliant support, and most importantly, its vast community. If you are looking for Salesforce experts or developers to help you with ANYTHING regarding Salesforce Pardot (or any other Salesforce product), do reach out to us here.

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