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Leverage Salesforce Sales Cloud and Pardot to Drive Higher Customer Engagement

With everything swiftly moving towards digitalization, people are now spending more time than ever on their smartphones. In fact, people have more active lives online than offline. Given the popularity of the internet, it has become the responsibility of marketers and businessmen to rethink online strategies to improve customer engagement and drive more people to their channels.

The current efforts are successful, but marketers are forever pushing the boundaries for even more successful outcomes. That's why marketers are always looking for new and innovative ways to market their products on social media. The goal of social media platforms is to attract the right kind of people and then convert them into buying customers. This is where the problem arises – in the conversion process.

Converting these leads is where the marketing strategy is put to the test. Conversion depends on the nurturing process and how well it is executed. Today, marketing tools are so sophisticated; they have significantly improved the nurturing process to ensure higher conversion.

If you are a businessman, then don't think twice before going through this article because no matter what your business, it is important to get engagement and eventually improve sales. Our guide today will give you an insight into Sales Cloud and Pardot and what benefits they bring to your business's success.

What is Pardot?

Let's begin with the basics - what is Pardot? Pardot is basically an automation tool that helps you improve your network, form connection, and eventually boost sales. As a business person, it is important to have a well-established network so that there are always projects in the pipeline, and you don't have to worry about generating new leads all the time. This is where Pardot will come to the rescue as it will help your business form a quality connection on which you can rely to get projects.

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How Can Pardot Help Your Business?

This section discusses in detail how Pardot will help to drive more traffic, improve engagement, and eventually increase revenues for your business.

1. Understanding Your Leads

The only way you can understand your leads is by tracking them. Pardot helps to track down the audience and the lead metrics by understanding where they are coming from. These numbers will help you make better marketing decisions as you know where to spend your money during the nurturing process.

2. Generating More Leads

Since Pardot is a B2B automation tool, it can be used to create search-friendly content, email automation, SEO-friendly content, and other similar resources.

3. A Boost in ROI

Pardot gives detailed website metrics, which eventually help marketers make well-informed decisions and eventually boost the return on investment for your business. The higher the ROI, the higher the probability of achieving your sales targets.

4. Personalized Content

The ability to understand your customers is probably the biggest win for a business owner. Once you have understood the psyche of your customers, it all becomes a smooth road after that. You can create personalized content that speaks to them at their level, and this way, you can expect higher engagement and a better conversion rate.

For example, a company that specializes in mobile app development services will be more focused on marketing content that will be able to attract businesses that are driven towards developing applications for their online shops. Pardot provides you with these analytics, which will eventually help you make personalized content.

5. Managing Campaigns

Through Pardot, is it very simple to run a number of campaigns on different platforms and successfully run reports regarding each campaign's rate of success?

How to use Salesforce Sales Cloud to Drive Customer Engagement?

Automating sales is another aspect of digitalization. Leveraging Salesforce Sales Cloud can help to streamline the sales procedure and make it easier to maintain. A well-structured sales system provides better customer care services and gives assistance in a better manner. This eventually generates more leads and helps to improve the conversion rate as well.

A good sales structure can help to increase the value of your business and improve the lead conversion rate tenfold. We have discussed the core of the most significant features of the Salesforce Sales Cloud below:

1. Lead Conversion Process

Sales Cloud already has the lead conversion processes integrated into them. This process can be customized according to the needs of your business, whether you require B2C or B2B. Moreover, it is also better to turn this process into an opportunity by integrating validation criteria. Salesforce makes the entire process much smoother and convenient.

2. Managing Tasks and Events

Through a smart timeline generated through Salesforce software, sales representatives are able to manage calls, emails, and meetings in a more organized manner.  All representatives are provided with a daily summary of their tasks, which are related to the accounts managed by them.

The information is also available readily; therefore, the representatives are not required to go back and forth to search for this information and waste precious time. The faster the data is extracted, the smoother the transactions are with the customers. The happier the customer – the more the conversions and eventually better revenues.

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3. Reporting

You would be surprised at how organized the dashboards and reporting panels are on this Salesforce software. These reports are based on specific metrics and are help the sales representatives derive meaningful conclusions that help in their analysis. The reports generated provide an insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the performance of the system and helps the sales team make meaningful decisions to improve their processes. It is always helpful to plan in advance to improve the sales procedures and eventually drive higher revenues.

Key Takeaways

As a business owner, it is not possible to take care of all aspects of a business (regardless of the size of your business). Some aspects of your business have to be trusted by experts who can take care of them in a better way. When you talk in terms of marketing, then Pardot and Salesforce Sales Cloud are the real experts in the marketing field who successfully help to generate leads and walk the client through the nurturing process and convert them successfully. The two of these used in combination can help to save time, improve efficiency, and make your business more successful!



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