Top 7 Salesforce Trends For 2022

Every technology we know is updating itself rapidly. If you do not keep an eye on the new additions, you might miss some amazing benefits they can bring to your business. One such constantly improving platform is Salesforce. Almost every year Salesforce has a new collaboration or upgrade that benefits businesses widely. Be it collaboration with Slack, developing workflow orchestrators, or introducing blockchain technology, it is better to keep yourself updated about upgrades. If you want to know these trends, you have come to the right place. Here, we have included the most crucial trends of Salesforce for the year 2022.

Salesforce + Slack

More and more companies are planning to go for a hybrid work culture (combination of remote and onsite). To grab this market and make this transition smoother for the companies, Salesforce collaborated with Slack.

Slack-First 360 is a platform that allows everyone in the organization to collaborate, communicate, and find information from all the business apps and systems.

It helps in streamlining sales, service, and marketing to a single screen. Also, it automates routine tasks to make daily work simple, flexible, and productive. The other thing about having Slack is that working with partners, vendors, and customers is secure and faster.

Talking about providing support, the complex issues are directly assigned to the experts, so that they can solve the issue quickly.

Integrating it into your Salesforce customer portal can lead to better engagement and collaboration.

Health Cloud 2.0

Covid-19 pandemic did change a lot of things for all the industries. To manage this, Salesforce launched Health Cloud 2.0 to make the companies ready for the aftereffect of pandemics with features like contact tracing, vaccine management, etc.

Salesforce used their Health Cloud 2.0 in their Dreamforce 2021 events by offering Dreampass, which ensures all the safety protocols for the in-person attendees. It manages vaccination proofs, collaboration with testing vendors, and personalized communication. The successful implementation of Dreampass ensured that it is capable of keeping people safe at in-person gatherings.

The new version of Health Cloud not just focuses on post Covid scenarios, but also on enhancing the abilities of healthcare organizations to adopt hybrid healthcare experiences. It helps in achieving better patient outcomes by bringing all the care teams together to improve productivity and public health operations.

If you’re in the healthcare industry, you can integrate this module into your healthcare portal. Corporates and other businesses can also use this with their customer portal.

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Some workflows are complex and require extensive documentation and verification from multiple departments. When teams are more distributed, the possibility of losing revenue and decreasing productivity and customer satisfaction increases. To organize a complex workflow, Salesforce created a Flow Orchestrator. It allows admins to configure and deploy processes within a few clicks.

The orchBestrator optimizes the user experience and automates processes with two features: steps and stages.

Steps define the flow that is to be executed. The individuals who are assigned to the step receive the notifications and where the flow should appear. Steps have maximum flexibility and can be assigned sequentially or in parallel. All steps when grouped together and executed sequentially are called stages. They can be separated based on decision elements to support specific complex logic.


To meet the demand of data storage requirements of businesses, public cloud partners help businesses manage all of that by using software development processes, security practices, common tools, and deployments.

If your organization has regulations and compliance that needs data storage in a specific region the Hyperforce makes it possible. It offers faster in-country performance and ensures that there is a shorter route between the end-user and the data center to improve user experience.

Also, having the data on the cloud gives more flexibility and additional efficiencies by deploying them quickly on the cloud that earlier took weeks for implementation. For Salesforce Core Services, Hyperforce is available in India, Australia, Japan, Canada, France, Singapore, Germany, and Brazil. And Customer 360 audiences are live on Hyperforce in Germany and US.

Salesforce + Tableau

The repetitive tasks can annoy anyone. Plus, the risk of errors increases. To improve an individual's speed and precision, AI and machine learning can help in this case. Salesforce introduced AI with its AI component called Einstein. It allows the users to predict customers’ behavior, analyze, and derive valuable insights from large datasets. Salesforce coupled with Tableau, allows businesses to leverage intelligence and analytics by using AI and machine learning.


Blockchain instantly reminds us of cryptocurrency. However, it is not limited to that.

It helps users with a low code platform to share data that is verified and distributed across trusted networks of partners and third parties. Blockchain allows the creation of networks, workflows, and applications. The main goal of using this technology in Salesforce is that it allows secure sharing of data with diverse partners. It also reduces the cost by tracking and saving the data from multiple platforms in the network. 

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Marketing Cloud

This is the reason why more businesses are turning towards Salesforce to understand and connect with their customers better. Salesforce has continuously made efforts to make its CRM proficient for businesses to make data-driven decisions and provide a tailored experience.

Understanding customers’ journeys and acting accordingly is essential while executing marketing strategies. Salesforce helps in making better and smarter decisions through multi-channel project execution, data management, social media integrations, etc. It provides all the relevant information about the customer that will help in advertising the products to the right set of customers. To have more insights, it also offers third-party integrations.

Final Words

These trends can give you insights on how you can leverage them to improve business strategies and customer satisfaction. Most companies are moving towards hybrid work culture and this situation demands that you have a platform that is able to handle all the complexity of your business in a secure environment. That platform is the Salesforce customer portal. The portal has the ability to streamline businesses and deliver the best customer experience while these trends are the cherry on the cake. 


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