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Hire Salesforce Developer: In house vs. Outsource?

Confused While Hiring? In house vs. Outsource Salesforce Professional

When it comes to hiring a Salesforce expert for the companies the major question that arises in front of the decision-maker is should you hire in-house or outsource the task to a remote Salesforce development company/service provider. For some companies hiring In-house Salesforce developers can be a good decision but in some cases outsourcing Salesforce development by hiring certified Salesforce professionals will become an excellent choice due to its pros. Selection between offshore team vs. onshore Salesforce development would require you to analyze your business needs and project requirements to make a good decision.

Here you will understand the pros and cons of both so that it will help you to decide which will be best for you.

Pros and Cons of Hiring In house Salesforce Team



As part of the company, in-house Salesforce developers better understand how things move and the work environment in the company. It helps them to be more perfect when improvising the Platform based on the company’sinternal processes.

Physical Presence

In house are available onsite, employees can come into the office when needed. That makes collaboration with team members as well as other teams and departments easier to know their requirements, their process for better design and the best solution. 

Immediate Response 

As the In-house developer team works in the same time zone so for any failure or breakdown In-house developers can respond quickly as they are fully dedicated to the company’s cause.

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Difficult to Get All Required Skills 

It is difficult to get all the required skill sets. Each employee should have particular skill sets and experience. In turn, you need to offer good conditions and a competitive salary, considering the requirement for skilled professionals.

High Salaries

If you hire a Salesforce developer in-house team that requires high salary packages and additional perks, if you have a large organization then it is possible for you to invest in this but if it is for a small company or Startup Company then offshore would be the best option.


You have to be prepared to lose some of your team members as they’re tempted with more lucrative offers. When a team member leaves, there will be some issue in your Salesforce processes’ ongoing management as you have to hire new resources and deliver KT sessions

Pros and Cons of Hiring Outsource Salesforce Team



Hiring a remote Salesforce development team can be much cheaper, depending on location and company-to-company rates. You no need to spend money on employee benefits and perks, office maintenance, etc.

Committed to Timeline

When you’re working with experienced Salesforce developers, you can be assured that tasks are executed as per the timeline decided between both parties. You can track the status and take follow up from Outsource Salesforce developer whenever needed.

No risk of Retention

If you are hiring outsource Salesforce developer then no need to worry about retention For the KT session arrangement of new joins, as we keep backup, always check if the IT support company is providing a backup resource in case the consultant is not available. It’s always advisable to ask the IT support company to add a backup resource as then if resource leaves he does not take away the business process knowledge then it will not cause any impact on your project as consultant already know all process ongoing projects and requirements. 

A Pool of Salesforce Developers

An outsourced Salesforce development team is made up of different individuals with respective skills and strengths. They are experts in various companies’ projects you’ll find a remote team more than capable of handling any Salesforce issues and providing an excellent range of services. Offshore team allocates project to Salesforce developer based on skills set required in a project. 

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Keep You Up to Date with New Features

As outsourced consultants work with multiple companies they keep themselves up to date with new features and the new release of Salesforce and provide you details about new features and suggest how you can utilize them in your business benefits, we also provided end-user training and demonstrate. 

Complexity of Project

If your project is complicated and required other technologies expertise also as they provide services in different technologies also so consultant understand the requirement and deliver a project as per your need. For example, if you are planning to migrate from one CRM to another CRM that required an expert to work on it and it is not a full-time project so you can contact to outsource developer for this.


Hiring Outsourced Salesforce Professional is convenient as Clients can shift the burdens of recruitment and employee administration to the shoulders of outsourcing companies. By outsourcing software development, businesses can focus on doing what they do best and grow as fast as possible, you no need to worry about timelines and project completion as well as the Skillset of the team.  


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