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Salesforce Sales Cloud - Editions & Pricing Comparison

Editions in Sales Cloud – Essentials, Professional and Enterprise

Salesforce Sales Cloud is an extremely powerful CRM for the management of your sales processes. Choosing this cloud will result in boosting your sales and enhance your profit. Salesforce offers a variety of editions and each license is rich in a unique set of features, functionalities, and price range. You can choose any of these depending upon the size of your organization and your business needs.

Salesforce Sales Cloud Editions

Salesforce offers four editions with features suitable for small to large enterprises. These editions include :

  • Essentials
  • Professionals
  • Enterprise
  • Unlimited

The prominent features, pricing, and functionality limitations are mentioned below for these editions for Sales Cloud.


The pricing for this model is $25 for each user per month. The amazing features for this basic edition include:

  • Offers support for lead management processes 
  • Comprises of account, contact, and opportunity management modules
  • Sales events and tasks management functionality for keeping track of your customer’s calls, meetings, and appointments, etc.
  • Detailed reports and dashboard that can be configured according to business requirements
  • Easier collaboration with your employee using chatter.
  • The Salesforce 1 mobile app makes your sales process accessible via your smartphones
  • The sales processes are automated with the help of a process builder. This edition offers five processes/organizations.

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The functional limitations include that this simplified version doesn’t allow medium to large-sized organizations to customize solutions in code. The sales automation abilities are also limited and third-party integrations are also not allowed.


The price for the professional Salesforce edition is $75 for each user monthly. This edition is suitable for businesses that require features for better management of products, price books, contracts, orders, quotes, etc. for more than 10 members.  The default features include :

  • Lead scoring based upon certain rules
  • Management of contracts
  • Management of price books and products
  • The management of orders and quotes
  • The synchronization of calendar events and counts between Salesforce and any of the Microsoft exchange connected devices via lightning sync.
  • The sales are forecasting with the help of an intelligent desktop and mobile-based forecasting app.
  • Developing and testing new functionalities in a separate environment to avoid ripple effects of new code with the help of a developer sandbox.

The functional limitations include a lack of customization options for code and automation procedures. If you need any APIs or integrations then you need to pay for these in addition to the initial pricing making it costly.


The enterprise edition costs an amount of $150 per month for each user. The enterprise is rich in features suitable for large enterprises and includes the following:

  •  Superior workflow options and approval automation functionality 
  • The collaboration of sales representatives is made more efficient with opportunity teams
  • The revenue sharing is made easier between various sales team members with an opportunity split
  •  The territory management for enterprises
  • The automation capabilities are unlimited with the help of a point and click the tool
  • Unlimited user-profiles and layouts
  • The reporting features are sophisticated and include joined reports, filters, and history tracking
  • Unlimited permissions and user roles
  • 100 developer sandboxes

Sales Cloud Editions and Pricing

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