Types of Salesforce Support (Customer Success) Plans You’ll See out in the Wild

Customer success is when the customers can achieve their desired business outcomes by leveraging the Salesforce platform. Providing a suitable customer success plan means providing them the experience they have when they interact with Salesforce as a company. For them, it is knowing that they can trust and rely on us to solve their problems. If a Salesforce support team can help customers get to their desired state and with a positive experience, customer success will be achieved.

Before you select your project support, you need to choose a relevant success plan, Salesforce has come up with different success plans, out of which the customer can pick the most suitable one. There are three major success plans by Salesforce- Standard, Premier, and Signature.

Let’s dive into it to find everything each success plan holds for customers.


The Standard success plan provides customers with self-guided resources like demos, online learning methods, and community advice. It is the most basic plan that Salesforce offers and is included in all licenses.

With the Standard plan, you’ll be able to get access to:

  • Trailhead
  • Trailblazer Community
  • Help Portal
  • Success Center, and
  • Technical Support.

The beginners can consider getting started with the Standard plan, but it is important to know that there’s a lot that the plan does not cover, like 24×7 phone support and other proactive services.

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The Premier success plan of Salesforce is the most popular one. It includes everything you get from the Standard plan, along with the additional assistance of an expert for adoption guidance and any other help. It also provides the user with coaching with live customer support to overcome any hiccups faced during the Salesforce journey.

With the Premier success plan, the user will get:

  • 24×7 phone support
  • Developer support
  • Expert coaching sessions

The user can also benefit from the personalized success paths to customize with the Trailhead Academy Discounts. The Premier plan also provides customers with easy business value and technical health reviews, evaluating their current Salesforce use.


Most of the large businesses work with Salesforce through the Signature plan that helps to drive their business forward with personalized and proactive expertise. It helps companies to get one-to-one guidance and industry-leading support from Salesforce experts for maximizing business growth. With a Signature plan, users can get in touch with experts for advice who can understand the business well.

The Signature plan gives you access to:

  • Proactive services for automated and continuous monitoring for the system
  • Early warnings on any issue
  • Quick and easy technical health reviews to timely diagnose and fix any prevailing issue.

Users will get 24×7 customer support and an emergency hotline with super-fast response times. Along with this, users will also benefit from personalized roadmap readiness to have a tailored action plan prepared for any Salesforce releases or ongoing improvements.

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Choose The Suitable Success Plan to Get Started with Salesforce

Salesforce has got everything that a business might need, and this is where any organization needs to think of its expectations from Salesforce. Every business is unique, so are its requirements and expectations. Take time to analyze your unique business requirements before you pick your success plan.

But if you still face issues to find what’s right for your business, reach out to our expert Salesforce partners for guidance and a range of Salesforce-based services.


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