Salesforce Consulting Services Companies Must Know 8 Things

Salesforce is more than just a CRM it can help you with all aspects of your business. If you do it right, and depending on your business needs, it may be all that you need.

The Salesforce platform started out as a CRM, but it has evolved into a platform that addresses many aspects of the business. These include marketing (Marketing Cloud), sales (Sales Cloud), serving customers (Service Clouds and Communities), eCommerce(Demandware), AI/Business Intelligence(Einstein Analytics).

It’s a platform that has endless possibilities. If you use it correctly, you can really make a difference to the future of your business. Working with a company who offers Salesforce consulting can put your mind at rest, allowing you to place your challenges into the capable hands of a consultant. This will allow you to get the most from your investment in this platform and set of solutions.

You may not know which Salesforce consulting services your company requires. You can use the descriptions below to determine which services are most beneficial.

1. New Salesforce Implementations

There are several tasks to complete to ensure a smooth switch from one CRM to Salesforce. It’s important to choose a partner with experience in implementing the system correctly.

Before custom coding, you should consider the Salesforce platform. It has many features and configurations that are already available. The cost of implementing your solution will increase if you do not have the right partner. This will also affect maintenance and ownership costs.

Implementation typically requires custom development and configuration in addition to the simple transfer of your data from your old CRM to Salesforce. A good partner will test everything and make sure that it has been transferred correctly. They will also train your entire team in Salesforce.

It can be tempting to go for a “big bang” approach, given that Salesforce has so many solutions. It is always recommended that you evaluate all your needs, set up an overall CRM and Platform strategy and then take a phased-in approach to adopting the platform and rolling out different Salesforce clouds.

  • Cloud Marketing — Creates a seamless customer experience at every touchpoint using integrated marketing Tools.
  • Sales cloud allows you to locate customers, close sales, and grow your accounts.
  • This cloud is designed to help you improve Customer Support and provide better service to customers.
  • Community Cloud- Ideal to use internally or for your customers. This cloud is implemented using either a template, or custom code depending on your requirements.
  • eCommerce cloud -Allows for the creation of unified and intelligent digital commerce experience both online as well as in store.

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2. Enhancement Projects

You may need an enhancement project if you have Salesforce, but would like to enhance its functionality or add new features. Improvements may include:

  • Customizing existing apps or creating new ones
  • Making existing solutions more flexible and scalable or improving them to meet the needs of growing businesses
  • Custom development to extend the capabilities of your platform and integrate data from other systems, integrations to provide more information to Salesforce, and to improve operations.
  • Support for ongoing administration and platform maintenance
  • Train your staff

3. Salesforce Classic to Lightning Migration

This is a difficult task for organizations that are preparing to migrate from Salesforce Classic (Classic) to Lightning. It’s unlikely they’ll be able to do it themselves.

Without the time or expertise, it can be challenging to conduct research, plan and test. A partner who has managed migrations in the past and is familiar with the necessary steps for a successful transition can help.

4. Merging Salesforce Instances

If your company has multiple Salesforce instances, either through an acquisition or because there are several instances in different departments within the organization, merging them may be a good idea to streamline processes.

5. Data Migrations

It is important to pay attention to the details and ensure that the data transfer process goes smoothly. This is a great opportunity to clean up any old data and de-duplicate the data.

The quality of the data is crucial to efficiency, such as when focusing on the best leads and contacting decision makers. Data integrity must be maintained during the migration process to avoid any impact on existing users or use cases. For large data volumes, planning, data preparation and dry runs are crucial.

If you partner with a consultant who offers data migrations they will provide technical assessment, planning and migration, validation and advisory, as well as on-going maintenance and support. This is particularly helpful when your migration requires a few adjustments after the fact.

6. Integrations and Single Sign-On

Salesforce may be your primary CRM or platform, but it is possible that you still need other platforms and technologies such as Heroku AWS Azure, external data visualization and reporting solutions, and existing internal applications.

7. Mobile Application Development

Salesforce gives developers the ability to customize their system, so they can create mobile apps through configurations and custom code. They also provide a way to build totally custom applications by using Mobile SDK, Heroku, and combining multiple data sources and features in a single app.

There is always debate about whether native apps for mobile devices are better than HTML5-based apps. There are many solutions and tools available to help you develop the best solution for your Salesforce consulting companies. The right partner can have a huge impact on the mobile strategy of your business.

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8. Cloud-based Business Intelligence and Data Utilization

Finaly, analysing your data is an important part of maximizing the information that you have within Salesforce. Business intelligence can help you uncover information that will influence your decision-making, save you money, and identify areas for improvement.

Salesforce allows a consultant to create, run and modify reports, so that you can evaluate data efficiently and decide the best next step for your business and connect now Cloud Analogy.


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