Power up Your Digital Store with DemandBlue’s Salesforce B2B Commerce Implementation

Today, digitalization has become a norm for business practices, and there is nothing better you can do to support your digital business model than implementing a B2B commerce platform. The Salesforce B2B Commerce platform transforms how businesses buy and sell services and products. With the Salesforce B2B Commerce solution, companies can personalize the consumer buying experience and digitize the buying process without actively involving the sales reps. With a mission to transfigure businesses’ buying experience, DemandBlue has accomplished several B2B commerce implementations across manufacturing, field service, and retail sectors. DemandBlue’s On-Demand Service for B2B Commerce implementation has enabled B2B companies to run their online business with an upfront digital store in no time.

Our team of experts customizes Salesforce B2B Commerce to meet your unique business needs.

Why DemandBlue’s On-Demand Services for B2B Commerce implementation?

      • DemandBlue offers scalable resources and infrastructure based on your fluctuating business requirements.
      • We have 10+ years of experience in Salesforce implementation and hold 180+ Salesforce certified experts to ensure a hassle-free and quick implementation.
      • DemandBlue customizes B2B Commerce to personalize your products, service, and store design based on the customer and partner preferences.
      • Combines your sales team, finance team, and inventory to have a unified view of the warehouse.
      • DemandBlue understands the importance of connecting your integrated applications with your Salesforce B2B Commerce platform.

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DemandBlue Helps you Reach your Revenue Goals Faster with Salesforce B2B Commerce Solutions


DemandBlue helps scale and control the growth of your organization by helping you meet the fluctuating market demand and customer needs. Our experts will let you open new sales channels and constantly reach out to untapped market segments for more sales opportunities and maximum conversions.

Integration Efficiencies

We help you integrate Salesforce B2B Commerce with your Salesforce CRM and other back-end business tools to provide unparalleled synchronization and improve sales. This saves the time and budget often spent on gathering and feeding data into the database.

Online Presence

Today, customers expect businesses to have online stores. DemandBlue helps you build a customizable public catalogue of products and services on your digital store page. It is a powerful and effective way of reaching new customers. This also enables your customers to browse your products and compare prices quickly.

Improved Brand Awareness

DemandBlue helps you leverage Salesforce B2B Commerce solution to boost your business’ online presence. We help you grow, promote, and strengthen your brand on an enormous scale. The B2B Commerce platform leaves an impression on your customers, as it facilitates their buying journey and sustains your online presence and visibility.

Bolstered Sales

We unleash the true potential of Salesforce B2B Commerce by empowering and automating cross-sell and up-sell recommendations for your products and services. This increases your organization’s sales and offers relevant product suggestions to your customers on the B2B digital store. Automation encourages your customers to purchase items that are relevant or have desirable features and functionalities.

Improved Analytics

Our experts help you set up a custom commerce platform and let your team launch a comprehensive analytics program. This allows your organizations to easily evaluate and measure sales effectiveness, marketing campaigns, product preference, customer sales effectiveness, inventory turns, and customer engagement. Further integrating these analytics with your CRM gives you a much broader insight into valuable data.

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We Help Deliver the Capabilities of Salesforce B2B Commerce

      • Understand your buying cycle and analyze end-to-end business requirements.
      • Solve your infrastructure glitches and develop an enterprise-match implementation roadmap covering consultation to implementation.
      • Validates every field, sales, buying process, channel, data and offers a personalized online buying experience.
      • Offer seamless maintenance support for the Salesforce B2B Commerce platform.

Get started with Salesforce B2B Commerce today

DemandBlue goes beyond the standard commerce implementation and offers a full-scale Salesforce experience that includes customization, configuration, integration, and deployment. We are not your regular Salesforce implementation partner; we are much more than that. DemandBlue’s On-Demand Services driven by the Pay-As-You-Use model will promise you a rapid B2B Commerce implementation. Our goal is to address all your digital sales needs and overcome the challenges of transforming your B2B sales.


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