Our Most Recent Litify Success Story | Salesforce Case Study

A few days ago, our latest client had its go-live with their new Litify platform, after months of working together with us as their partners. Those months were spent designing, programming, listening, paying to their needs, and customizing everything accordingly. Thanks to their willingness and openness towards us, we managed to achieve a unique platform made especially for them, with all their specific needs and wants. We are proud to present our success story with Bundy Law Offices. 

Litify is mostly used among law firms dedicated to Personal Injury (PI), so from the start, Bundy as a client represented an interesting challenge: they mainly work with family law. This meant having to rethink and personalize the way Litify usually operates, to make it fit this different model. This was an amazing opportunity not only to show how versatile the platform is but to test our own abilities to transform every tool and make the most out of every variable. Luckily, we did a great job, and thanks to the Salesforce Interface and its endless possibilities, the final result was exactly what they needed. 

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But that was not the only game change we did for them. We wanted to build a platform that reflected their personality - warm, close, responsible, and helpful. They wanted to optimize the close relationships with their clients while working on each case, and they looked forward to having a more intimate and caring approach with the families they help. This is why our main goal was to bring business and clients together, and show that lawyers (and especially these amazing ones) actually get involved in the case they are working in. We managed to build a space where fluent and permanent communication between a client and their lawyer is a must. This helps both sides to trust each other and makes every process easier for everyone. 

And there's more: what was probably our biggest achievement of this project was the financial component. Bundy Law Offices has a specific way of charging their clients and needed us to build a system from the ground up to fit their unique model. With their help, we could create processes that made everything the way they wanted it - the fees, the reminders, the dates, all of it. An entire financial prototype is completely custom-made. Once again, this shows how Litify is completely bendable and how we can work our magic to turn anything into exactly what you need. 

In the end, whatever your law firm is about, and however your work processes are, as Litify partners, we can make it better. That’s what Zimmic is all about. This platform and our expertise allow us to give you the exact software you need to manage your business in the most efficient way possible. 

We are 100% proud of this project, and very grateful to Bundy Law Offices for their trust and their willingness to get in this adventure with us. They were the perfect client. We’re not even exaggerating - from the get-go, they provided us with all the information we needed, they attended every single meeting with the best disposition and maintained honest and open communication at all times. This was essential for us to lead a smooth and steady process while creating what would be their main working tool. They were also fully committed to the training process, and we can safely say that everyone in the firm understands the platform and how to do anything on it. They were such good team players that we could get ahead of the curve and deliver the final result before the expected date

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We are looking forward to keeping creating and paving our way, writing the Zimmic and Litify love story. It’s an endeavor we truly enjoy, and a platform we truly trust. 

We’ll just keep making businesses better - one law firm at a time! 

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