Business Process in Salesforce

Learn About the Business Process in Salesforce

A business process in Salesforce allows Admins to set up dedicated leads, sales, and support processes for each line of business of an organization. This allows Admins to define a different set of picklists, stages, and paths for each process and record type combination. 

Salesforce offers to set up the Business process on the following standard objects:-

  • Lead
  • Opportunity
  • Case
  • Solution

(Business Processes cannot be defined on Custom Objects) 

Multiple Business Process 

Salesforce allows you to set up multiple business processes to track the lifecycle of the Lead, track the sales revenues, track the customer feedback, track the support agent’s productivity.

Salesforce comes up with Standard Objects where the picklist values on it drive the multiple business processes. First, let us see the different types of business processes and the supported objects.

  • Lead Process

Lead Object handles the Lead Process, which stores the information about the prospects interested in your product. This process is driven by the Lead Status picklist fields, which explain different stages of the Lead by holding values like Contacted, Not Contacted, Converted, Not Converted and so on.

  • Sales Process

Opportunity Object handles the Sales Process, which stores the information about the generated revenue from the Qualified lead converted from the above Lead Process. This process is driven by the Opportunity Stage picklist fields, which explains the different stages of the Opportunity by holding the values like if the deal is still pending or won or lost holding the corresponding sales revenues at the respective stages.

  • Support Process

Case Object handles the Support Process, which stores the information about the Customer Problems and feedback. This process is driven by the Case Status picklist fields, which explains the progress of the problem raised by the customer by holding values like New, In-progress, Solved and so on.

  • Solution Process

Solution Object handles the Solution Process, which stores the information about the common case resolutions provided to the Customers. This process is driven by the Solution Status picklist field, which helps the support agent increase productivity and respond quickly to the customer.

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How to Create a Business Process 

Salesforce allows the Sales Reps and Support agents to concentrate only on the fields and progress the stages quicker and faster by setting up multiple business processes. In addition, it guides the sales and supports users when they progress through different stages by providing details about company policies, relevant feeds, and tips. 

To Create Business Process for Opportunities:-

  1. Go to setup and search Sales Process ( you can search as per requirement).
  2. Click Sales Process and click on New and enter the details about the Sales process that need to be set up.
  3. Select the Stage values as below, which need to be included on the Opportunity Sales Process as below:

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How to Assign a Business Process 

The Business Process can be assigned to the Record type of the related object. We can certainly design the record types based on your company's business processes. We can associate one/many record types to one/many business processes based on our requirements.

To Assign a Business Process:

1. Go to setup and click on Object Manager.

 2. Click Opportunity and then choose Record Type.

(you can search for the associated object to assign the business process in the Object Manager)

3. Click New and associate the Sales Process created to the Record Type that needs to be set up.



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