Business Hours And Holidays In Salesforce

Business Hours And Holidays In Salesforce

Business Hours

Business hours define the hours your team is available to support your customers and Holidays allow you to select when your customer support personnel will be unavailable. This is majorly used in Salesforce support processes such as escalation processes and setting milestones.

Setting up Business Hours:

To define new business hours:

Step 1:- Go to Setup and search for Business Hours in the search box. Then, click Business Hours from company settings, and you will be redirected to the Organization Business Hours page.

(There will always be a default record that specifies 24 hours, seven days a week business hours. You can create multiple business hours depending on the locations and different support teams availability.)

Step 2:- From the new Organization Business Hours Screen, specify Name and Time zone, e.g. Support team working on IST Time zone. Then specify exact hours by each day team is available to support customers from the Business hours section, e.g. Monday to Friday to Saturday every week from 9 AM to 5 PM.

Step 3:- Check the Active.

Step 4:- You can also override default business hours using these business hours as the default checkbox or you can skip this step as per your requirement.

Step 5:- Click on Save.

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Business Hours

Business hours impact following configurations and apply time zones and locations of the support users.

  1. Cases
  2. Entitlements
  3. Milestone 
  4. Escalation Rules
  • User permissions needed to set business hours

  • User permissions needed to manage holidays

To make Customer support processes more accurate, always add when your support team is available to help customers. While setting business hours, these are a few guidelines that you should keep in mind.

Setup Holidays

Holiday records impact the same processes impacted by business hours and specify when support users are not available. To suspend business hours and escalation rules during holiday dates and times you may connect a holiday with business hours.

To create holiday records follow the following steps:-

 Step 1:- Go to Setup and search for Holidays in the search box. Then, click Holidays from company settings, and you will be redirected to the Holidays page.

(For eg: If you want to add New Year's Day as a holiday.)

Step 2:- Click the new button, and in the holiday’s screen, enter New Year’s Day in the Holiday Name field.

Step 3:- Enter 01/01/2022 in the Date field and select All day.

Step 4:- Check the Recurring Holidays to add more details.

(If your holiday is a recurring holiday, you can add the details under the recurring section.)

Step 5:- Select On Every and Yearly.

Step 6:- Select No End Date, if already selected Leave the rest of thing as it is and click on Save.

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