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A Trip to the World of Salesforce Einstein Analytics

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What's about Analytics?

In the glowing era of information technology, the whole world is now focusing upon the data analytics especially the ones who are running their own business. Through analytics the one can easily measure the achievements or performance of the work going on their industries or all around. It visualizes the entities of whole business by efficient charts and dashboards which can be easily understood by the end users and business users both, other than that it sometimes also been very helpful to take further steps for achieving the best results.

What can we do with Analytics?

Analytics being helpful to measure sales, service or any other team's work with intelligent insights. The goal of analytics is to improve business by gaining knowledge which can be used to make improvements and changes.

Analytics is a self-service application that enables you to make sense of large amounts of data and has an ability to discover a 360-degree view of your business by using related data.To better understand about Einstein Analytics let's first create an analytics developer edition org.

This org comes with limited Analytics cloud wave platform license and is different from our existing org so here you need to create a new analytics org.

Einstein Analytics:

In Salesforce we have a nice feature to perform analytics operations and i.e "Einstein Analytics" that provides intelligent and smarter insights. Analytics in Salesforce are secure, trusted and highly scalable. It enables everyone in the org to get immediate access to powerful data insights through its intuitive point-and-click visual interface.Einstein takes care of the data prep, modeling, and infrastructure needed to embed and scale predictive models throughout your Salesforce workflows. Einstein Analytics is sub categorized into two categories that's are :



Analytics With Reports and Dashboards

Reports and  Dashboards are main requirements that are being used to reflect the actual performance or improvement sector for the growth of any organization. Any organization with help of both can achieve better growth in their industry. So, for developing the smarter and intelligent insights for sales, service etc. sections of any organization Salesforce provides two powerful solutions which are almost different with their approaches and that's are :

  • Salesforce Reports and Dashboards.
  • Einstein Analytics

For using Reports and Dashboards we have:

Sales Cloud : While viewing the team's leaderboard you can easily find out if you achieve the quota also you can track the daily going on activities.

Service Cloud : To find out the number of cases which are on high priority and number of tickets closed or open and also which tickets get logged the most.

Across Salesforce : Through the usage of custom reports and dashboards you can easily track the performance across all the salesforce data.

For using Einstein Analytics we have:

Sales : Get end-to-end pipeline visibility, uncover white space and new upsell opportunity, and spot year-over-year trends to determine where to invest resources to close bigger deals and grow your business.

Service : While comparing the usage of products withe history of such case we can understand how you can  deliver better services  and retain your customers.

Marketing : Attractive campaigns and logos also raise the success growth of an organization. To gain stronger understanding of the success of your overall strategy and track how your latest initiatives are doing Einstein analytics is so helpful.

Key Differences          Reports and Dashboards          Einstein Analytics
What it is Operational reporting on Salesforce data to get a snapshot of CRM. A platform used to explore any data and ask new questions
Used for Basic metrics Visualize complex KPIs and self-service analytics
Experience Real-time reports and dashboards Interactive data exploration on any device
Data Salesforce only Data from Salesforce and other external data sources
Historical 90-day analysis Year-over-year historical analysis and trending

Editions of Einstein Analytics:

  • Sales Analytics App
  • Service Analytics App
  • Einstein Analytics Platform

Permission Set Vs Permission Set Licence:

Permission sets and permission set licenses have different purposes.

Permission set licenses extend the functionality of user licenses. With permission set licenses, you can assign more permissions to users than their user license supports. Users can be assigned any number of permission set licenses.

Permission sets contain settings that grant users permissions. Permission sets extend users’ functional access without changing their profiles.

Permission Set Licenses:-

Name Total Licenses
Analytics Cloud - Wave Analytics Platform 2
Analytics Cloud Explorer 1
Einstein Discovery Analyst PSL 2
Einstein Discovery User PSL 1
Field Service Dispatcher 1
Field Service Mobile 1
Field Service Scheduling 1
Field Service Standard 5
Identity Connect 10
Orders Platform 2
Sales Analytics Apps 2
Sales Console User 2
Sales User 1
Service Analytics Apps 1
Service User 1

Salesforce Einstein Governor Limits:

Salesforce is based on multi-tenant architecture for which they work upon certain limits.

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