How to Improve Salesforce Adoption Rates Through Customization

“Is this necessary?”

“We’ve always done it this way.”

“That is a steep learning curve to navigate.”

All of us hear one or all of these reactions when there is a proposed change. If it is a change that drives new ways of working and transforms processes, there is going to be a natural resistance to it. And that is why most organizations that implement a powerful CRM like Salesforce struggle with low end-user adoption rates.

To achieve success and quicken the path to improved adoption, customization is key.

Customizing feature-packed software can feel like boiling the ocean.

So, how do you customize Salesforce to increase adoption rates?

How do you get the most out of your CRM?

After enabling hundreds of Salesforce users to turn business goals into actionable next steps. After helping enterprise brands and startups close opportunity gaps. We have an answer to that question.

Identify and bridge opportunity gaps

Start by listing out all the problems and inconveniences that employees are facing with your CRM. Understand which features are most helpful and which of them are of the least help. Getting feedback on your CRM helps you identify the functionality gaps and find ways to bridge them. By using custom codes or extended features, add additional functionality that is more end-user-focused. Go beyond standard Salesforce functionality to add valuable additional features. It is a surefire way of increasing adoption rates.

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Focus on usability

Learning a new CRM is not all that fun. Salesforce has countless features and options, and this can be a hurdle to new users. Configure the software to present relevant data and components to optimize workflows. A front-end framework like Lightning Web Components is helpful in customizing user interfaces.


Configure/Customize Salesforce mobile app to make all common tasks performed by the user easily accessible. User interfaces and workflows should be customized for mobile devices so that it makes it easy for the users to use the mobile app. It is important to configure the mobile app based on the user’s role.

Automate Processes

What happens when teams that were supposed to be more productive and empowered after implementing a CRM feel hamstrung by it? Unfortunately, most sales teams feel a CRM is a blocker in the way and adds layers of complexity.

To quicken processes and increase buy-in, automate redundant processes. Through customizing Salesforce templates, standardizing workflows, and automating repetitive tasks, you can boost adoption rates.


Integrate your CRM with other enterprise systems so that the CRM users have all the data in CRM and don’t have to navigate to multiple systems and avoid data entry in multiple systems.

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Leverage AppExchange

Salesforce AppExchange is a great place to find relevant and helpful tools or plugins to make your Salesforce instance interactive and user-friendly. It is essential to select plugins based on your needs carefully[SR1]

How DemandBlue can help maximize Salesforce adoption

DemandBlue has extensive experience in Salesforce technology. Our goal is to help you customize your Salesforce CRM to suit your business and operational needs. Our experts deliver top-notch customization services to make sure the Salesforce instance is deployable from day one. We configure Salesforce, re-engineer existing workflows, develop custom Salesforce apps and resolve adoption bottlenecks.


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