DemandBlue Provided Salesforce CPQ Services to a Leading Entrance and Access Technology Company

See How A Leading Entrance and Access Technology Company Customized Their Salesforce CPQ Services with DemandBlue for Quick Adoption and Output Maximization

World Leading Entrance and Access Technology Company Initiate Quick Adoption and Maximize Output via Salesforce CPQ?

Our client is one of the top global leaders in intelligent entrance and access control solutionsThrough their innovative range of products and solutions, they have helped large organizations, well-established institutes, associations, and class A high-rise residential and/or commercial buildings, with over 8000 – 10,000 footfalls each day, protect their people and assets.

Keeping away any suspicious intruders from properties, the client develops advanced, state-of-the-art optical turnstiles, tailgate and side-gate detectors, perimeter intrusion monitoring systems, speed gates, access control, and turnstiles for security and card readers.

Eco-friendly and cost-effective, they innovate diverse and advanced entrance and access technology powered by automated neural networks. Their products can not only identify animate and other inanimate objects but also detect tailgating and side gating.

Their access technology even offers security customizations for doors. This means that one can personalize the security and access settings of their business or institute’s premises which further caters to lowering the chances of uninvited in-comers.

Constantly evolving and developing better entrance and access control products and solutions, the client needed to have an excellent CPQ in place for optimized pricing and quotations. And, this could only be done via Salesforce CPQ.

When an Upgrade Creates More Roadblocks Than Solutions

Our client has been using CPQ for over 12 years now. The solution was implemented as one of the first instances of the old SteelBrick package, renamed CPQ.

Over the years, the CPQ implementation has gone through several levels of customizations for managing their guided selling configuration to quote appropriate product bundles for their customers.

The client recently even upgraded from V16 to the current V220 of the CPQ package. And even though the latest version was rich in features, the team faced multiple difficulties adapting to it.

They were also getting frustrated as performing regular tasks had also become cumbersome and time-consuming. The solution also did not support adding new products that they have started selling after the implementation.

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Salesforce CPQ – A Faster and Leaner Way to Create and Deliver Accurate Quotes

If there is any software built to optimize and streamline sales of any company, it’s Salesforce.

From having a multifaceted CRM, efficient in-built lead management, and sales data systems to diverse integrations and Visual Workflow, Salesforce is a powerful tool to optimize and maximize sales in any organization, irrespective of their industry.

Salesforce CPQ (Configure-Price-Quote) empowers sales reps in an organization to create the precise quote statement for clients, augmenting client relationships via transparency and efficiency and thereby accelerating lead conversions.

Integrated with Salesforce CRM, Salesforce CPQ can be accessed anywhere, anytime via the Salesforce app on phone making quote delivery a lot easier and more agile.

Our client was primarily using Steelbrick CPQ. Although they have upgraded to the latest CPQ versions, the major concern was they were unable to upload any of their new range products’ data in the system.

Adapting to the new features and UI was another roadblock that slowed the entire process and made it more hassle prone.

Simplifying Complexities and Optimizing Processes with DemandBlue

The DemandBlue Revenue Cloud solutions team assessed the client’s CPQ implementation and decided to revamp it. The team emphasized leveraging a new out-of-box declarative functionality, providing a more streamlined user experience and improved performance.

DemandBlue re-created the existing custom CPQ functionality and automation from the Apex code and based the implementation on new product nomenclature and hierarchy, mapping it to the existing product setup.

The team also mapped the existing functionalities currently used for guided selling to configurable Product Rules, Product Options, and Product Bundles, leveraging the new features of the current version of Salesforce CPQ available in the system.

Team DemandBlue decommissioned the APEX class currently in use by guided selling which was only supporting old products and giving errors.

Our team not only updated the product bundles limited to the requirements for guided selling but also created specific quote processes for the various product families and ensured all the products are searchable during the quote update.

Providing an innovative solution to ensure Quote Totals auto-populate from Quote Line items, DemandBlue ensured that the standard CPQ managed package fields are updated using Price rules.

And finally, Team DemandBlue provided the hands-on training and product setup guidelines, to help the client manage new Product Bundle addition and Product and Price Rules going forward.

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More Sales, Better Quotations, Zero Roadblocks

After DemandBlue’s expert refurbishing of the client’s CPQ implementation and leveraging Salesforce CPQ’s new features, the latest CPQ version turned out to be more user-friendly, increasing end-user adoption.

As automation in product bundling and price rules accelerated the quoting process while allowing sales to quote newer products, the sales team now spends more time on selling and lesser time in the quote process.

Most of the process customizations were performed using out-of-the-box features, making them more manageable. Since the product families use the independent quote process, any future production issues are now easily analyzed.

A clean categorization of all product families, bundles, and specific guided selling processes improved the overall efficiency, which, in turn, helped maximize output.


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