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How Salesforce Lead Management and Opportunity Management Help with Seamless Sales Workflow?

What is the key to long-term success for any organization? The answer is the presence of a strong and proficient sales pipeline. It is for this that most of the sales managers work round the clock to capture value from the incoming prospects and convert them into leads effectively.

However, many small and medium businesses see their growth becomes stagnant due to the following of current lead management procedures. When they lack technology, they heavily use analog methods to record their customer interactions. When they employ technology, they rely heavily on spreadsheets that are prone to human error.

So, there is no need to worry as Salesforce consulting companies offer a novel idea to manage their leads through a sales automation system for better lead interactions and conversions. It is possible through Salesforce opportunity management and lead management programs that have gained immense popularity in recent times.

Why Need of Opportunity & Lead Management Arouse?

No one could question the reliability of Salesforce as it is one of the most powerful SaaS (Software as a service) platforms allowing organizations to grow upward in online business. However, Salesforce is still a tool that must be learned to harness its potential for the success of any company.

Nevertheless, most of the companies face the issue of not able to track their follow-ups for their leads. Besides, they often find themselves in a tricky situation where after making several contacts with some specific leads, the result is a failure. Not to mention the tedious and time-consuming the given process given with time!

Another issue that forced Salesforce consulting services in the USA to take notice of flaws in the traditional CRM system is their failure to automate the lead nurturing procedure after proper management of the data. It results in wastage in the entire sales pipeline and eventually decreases in lead conversion ratio.

To solve the given issues, Salesforce came up with lead and opportunity management to create a mutual environment for seamless sales workflow. With the help of Salesforce lead management, the organization could now assign leads to the right and specific person. Furthermore, Salesforce opportunity management can permit them to get a better view of customer's activity to have better forecasting of a perfect sales closure.

So to get more aspects about the benefits of Salesforce lead and opportunity management, let’s get deep into the topic:

What is Salesforce Lead Management?

Before understanding it, the meaning of the concept of leadership is crucial to go ahead. So, lead is potential consumers who have shown keen interest in an organization with which they want to do their business. So if one considers the lead management process, it consists of the following aspects:

  • Lead Capture: Process of automatically entering lead details into the system
  • Lead Distribution: Assigning of leads for follow-up and future exchanges
  • Lead Tracking: Tracking of the interaction of lead with the brand
  • Lead Qualification: Process of lead evaluation on specific criteria
  • Lead Nurturing: Process of effective development of the buyer-customer relationship

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What is Salesforce Opportunity Management?

An opportunity is a potential lead that has been qualified as a source of revenue for a business. In other words, it is a chance to produce a product and service for another customer or organization. So, opportunity management, which is an extended version of lead management, is a strategic process that tracks, supports, and manages the sales execution to close it and convert it into effective leads. It will then result in the identification and building up of a cordial relationship, and even generation of revenue.

How Lead & Opportunity Management is Crucial for Effective Sales Workflow?

It is extremely difficult to manage a complex lead procedure. With the increase in the growth of leads, the risk of losing sales opportunities also surges to a great extent. Now, many Salesforce CRM consulting services come with efficient software that uses lead and opportunity management wisely to offer benefits to the organizations. Some of these benefits are explained below:

A. Clear-Cut Forecasting of Sales

Regardless of the members of the sales team, if multiple people are associated with editing data into the system; be ready to face the risk of providing erroneous information to the customers. It becomes crucial to identify such flaws that arise when obtained data pose danger to the goals, budget, and overall company's success in a direct way.

To combat the given risk, Salesforce consultants suggest the inclusion of lead and opportunity management to increase the rate of efficiency. Is it an ideal way? Yes, because they reflect an effective sales process in front of the customers. Moreover, they act as a magic potion to help the sales team to create wonders.

With its advanced software, it allows the management to track revenue and lead sources, close probability, and even create high-quality pipeline reports in just a few seconds. Due to it, the forecasting of sales becomes quite easy and permits its accurate forecasting to get meaningful results in the future.

B. More and More Focus on Clear Communication

To achieve enormous business success, one has to focus on creating an environment where there is a perfect way to communicate between various teams present in an organization. Whether it is marketing, sales, operation, or others, an effective communication medium will help them to achieve a good result. And that's what Salesforce tries to achieve through its lead and opportunity management system!

It helps in developing a scenario where there is swift and precise communication between different members and allows them to have an effective follow-up with their potential leads. What's more, they will help the different teams to get together their acts to provide flawless visibility in their pipeline and achieve good targets.

C. Efficient Monitoring of Efforts taken for Generation of Leads

Though there is a presence of a large number of lead generation campaigns, whether they convert the lead into an effective and bright prospect to generate significant revenue is tough and difficult to track. Now Salesforce has new and hi-tech lead management tools that can easily track marketing and sales by measuring each of their RPO and offer visual reports to the management as soon as possible.

Now a question arises: What do they track? The answer is simple. They focus on tracking numerous things such as:

  • Customer’s Replies
  • Number of delivered emails
  • Email open rates
  • Bounce Rates
  • Click-through Rates

In this way, they can understand the customers in a better way. Moreover, Salesforce customization consultants take the given data to provide better prospects to convert leads into a better potential.

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D. Assist in Maintaining & Tracking Contact with Leads (or Opportunities)

With lead and opportunity management at the helm, it is relatively easy for the organization to keep a check on the potential lead with whom they have made contact. It helps them to go for quick follow-up with the help of sales automation tools in a professional manner at every stage of the sales procedure.

It also helps in defining the sales pipeline by taking some concrete actions that show opportunity is present there with the given prospect. Besides, the given software also tracks the interactions. It is possible through the use of Salesforce CRM features such as automatic sales logs, email tracking, and shared inboxes that make the whole procedure look more feasible.

Last Thought

Salesforce lead and opportunity management have bolstered the confidence of the sales team of the organization's manifold and have also resulted in an increase in ROI to a larger extent. Many latest reports from the market experts (about 75%) recommend the use of the given tool to enhance revenue growth and even enhance the number of closed deals.

Therefore, it is prudent to say that with Salesforce's lead and opportunity management, one must not focus only on winning deals but emphasis more on winning the loyalty of the clients. In this way, one can ensure seamless workflow without much difficulty.


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