How High Tech Companies Can Win With Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Frequent and personalized touchpoints have become essentials in High-Tech Industry, with the more and more digital-savvy workforce taking up the roles in decision-making in the purchase. Personalization has become more complex given the sales channels now includes SAAS subscription both from company portals, e-commerce websites, sign-ups via Social Media, and even based on coupons distributed. Eventually, this personalization demands marketers to have a system that can aggregate and analyze all available data from different sources to provide a unique and personalized experience.

Brand building exercises in the High-Tech industry have become increasingly challenging given the explosion in the market and constantly sprouting competition. The High-Tech sector also has to deal with multi-touchpoint journeys while acquiring new customers, onboarding them, providing them enough support throughout the journey. In today’s digital world, exit and switch over cost have come down drastically, which clearly emphasizes the importance of the personal experience for retaining customers.

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The high-Tech brand marketers need support from their technology teams to know:

  • How often do the customers interact with social media channels for support?
  • What products are more often signed up? For which segment of customers?
  • With what channels do the customers prefer engaging? What type of information enhances their experience?

Harnessing the power of data across platforms is critical for Marketers, and Salesforce Marketing Cloud is packed with the appropriate combination of features to do that.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud can seamlessly connect with CRM, Customer Data Platforms, and Datarama. This integrability provides Marketers with the advantage to operate in an environment where the focus is on enriching the customer experience. With its integration capabilities, Salesforce Marketing Cloud can bring in sign-up information, last touchpoint response, renewal data into place via Rest and SOAP for the Marketers to understand the target persona to script a personalized experience. Tools like Advertisement Studio and Interaction Studio can provide marketers toolsets to create 1-to-1 personal interactions throughout the customer lifecycle. Marketers using Salesforce Marketing Cloud will be privileged with insights into evolving customer needs, and they will therefore be able to provide a responsive customer experience.

Get Started from the First Touchpoint! With the Power of:

  • Interaction studio: Starting from the moment prospects visit your website, and Marketers will be able to track and nurture them to Sign-up for your SAAS, connect them with the appropriate agent and resources through their evaluation journey until you onboard them as customers.
  • Journey Builders: As soon as they sign-up, engage them via emails and social posts with the right resources and content that the customers need.
  • Automation Studio: Bring in data from different sources such as APIs, FTP, CRM and build the customer persona from where marketers can enrich the customer experience through personalization.
  • Advertisement Studio: Based on the audience segmentation, position your personalized content in the right advertisement platform.

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The DemandBlue Way

Having worked with numerous High-Tech customers, DemandBlue has a wealth of experience. It has evolved to become a Salesforce partner that clearly understands the importance of marketing technology (MarTech). DemandBlue has created templates and SOPs for enabling and enhancing the marketing functions of High-Tech players by leveraging Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Its experience scales from the discovery of needs, integration of different systems to large-scale migration of data. DemandBlue has helped the marketing teams of its partners by increasing their customer acquisition rate, shortening the sales cycle, and increasing the CSAT and NPS for the marketers.


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